How Hip Hop Music Has Influenced this Generation of Youth


Hip hop is a genre of music that has its origin in South Bronx in New York among the urban communities. It started as block parties where people with incredibly loud and sophisticated music systems would throw parties in the neighborhood to share with their friends and compete among themselves (Parker, 2009, p.1).

The music involves high speed raping, break dancing among other vigorous activities and movements. It is today crowned the fastest growing music genre worldwide. Hip hop music has had a major influence on the lives of many youths in the society today. This music genre has both positive and negative effects to the youths and the general public as a whole.

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Impacts of Hip hop on Youths

Hip hop is well known for its vulgar language in its lyrics. The words used have may have a different perspective from the real meaning as the singer or artiste uses a word to bring out a different meaning.

For instance, many hip hop singers use the word “bitch” to mean a woman whereas we all know that the word is abusive. The youths then take the vulgarly terms and use them as the artistes do. According to them they think it is fun but to the public it is seen as moral degradation.

Hip hop music is also said to perpetuate the rise in criminal activities among the youth. Taking a look at a hip hop music clip you will bear me evidence that there are violent scenes involved. Such scenes range from robberies, demonstration on fights.

When the youth watch let us say a scene involving bank robbery their minds are tempted to use the tactics involved in the music and put it into reality. This has lured so many youth into criminal life where they plan and implement their activities in reference to the crime in the hip hop music (Parker, 2009, p.1).

Taking a look at most convicted youth criminals you will discover that larger percentages are diehard fans of this genre of music. Not only are the lovers of hip hop music but also the artistes themselves some have criminal record. Not forgetting looking at statistics it is evident that in many night clubs where hip hop is played they are areas prone to violence.

Majority of hip hop artistes have a similar dress code among them that is considered indecent by the society (Murray, 2003, p.1). For example you may see male artistes performing bear chest with trousers worn way down below the waist. The following day it is quite obvious that you will see a youth exactly dresses as the artiste or even worse than the role model.

This trend has led to many youth having an unspeakably dress code that is morally unfit for the society. In trying to emulate the artistes dressing and behavior the youth find themselves going against the society’s code of conduct.

However, the music helped create political awareness among the youth. Most hip hop songs major on issues such as racism, gender, elections and so on.

In these instances the youth with a passion for hip hop get to hear about matters of politics and learn of their impact to the society (Reese, 2000. P.1). for example in Obama’s bid for presidency in the USA several songs were sung in his favor to promote his political ambition.

Hip hop also helps to keep the youth updated about the countries past history. The artistes use matters of older generations to pass it on to the current youth thereby acquainting them with relevant history.


Having looked at the positive and negative effects it is evident that negative effects outweigh the positive impacts. It is therefore recommendable for the youth to shun away from the vice brought about by hip hop music. The hip hop artistes also have a role of ensuring that their songs have a positive impact to the society rather than a negative one.

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