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How The Use Of A Sitemap Benefits Both The Reader And The Search EnginesWhen you need to make use of Search Engine Optimization as a tool for marketing over the internet, sitemaps will prove to be greatly beneficial. However, as much as we make use of SEO to market products, many individuals own websites that are yet to learn the benefits of the sitemaps in their search engine optimization efforts. You will be adding strength to your SEO efforts when you incorporate the use of sitemaps in your website. When you use sitemaps, it will be easier for any person that visits your website to find any information that they require from the website while the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo will also get help when they need to index you. If you aren’t sure about how a sitemap will work to the benefit of your business, then you aren’t aware of what a sitemap is. If you can determine what a sitemap is, then you can also learn why you need one for the sake of your business. Although the goals of various websites differ, any website that has a sitemap will greatly benefit as they are not only effective but also helpful which explains why the decision to have one will be beneficial. Talking about a sitemap, it will come in two main formats where the visual sitemap works to the benefit of the reader while the XML is what the search engines which include Google uses to rank your website among other websites. Any site that has a sitemap will be easier for the reader to navigate and get information. The primary objective when you are establishing a sitemap is to link all the pages of your website to the sitemap. You can link your homepage to the sitemap, and the sitemap will link you back to the homepage. Every other page of your website will link to the sitemap and vice versa. The page itself will have various links to the pages of your website as well as descriptions, and this makes it easier for any visitor to your website to find any information that they need. Do you know the benefits of the sitemap? Obviously, it will provide a website user a quicker route to use when they are seeking information from your website. A sitemap will also work as the tool for adding keywords, and one common option is using an online sitemap generator that will provide you the two formats.