How in specific big data technology. With the

How to prepare for the HDPCD Spark Certification?

In today’s fast-paced
and IT-centric world, where the technologies are
changing at the light of speed, an immense amount of data is also created
daily. With the immense amount of data there comes a responsibility to analyze
the data properly and which gives the business a proper insight into their daily
business decisions. The flooding of data causes organizations to adopt Big Data
technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm etc. But the fact is big data
industry is experiencing a shortage of talent. With the constant change in big
data technologies, employers are facing problem in hiring the right talent for
the job. They attempt to hire right talent with the certification in specific
big data technology.

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With the knowledge of data science
and expertise in new technologies of Big Data, and engineers and developers who
know how to maneuver Hadoop clusters gives an edge of others. The market is
filled with a variety of Big Data certification courses. But someone who is
interested in developing applications for analyzing Big data. They can go for HDPCD
Spark certification course. It uses Spark SQL and Spark core applications using
Python or Scala. HDPCD- Spark certification try-out developers knowledge of the
HortonWorks Data Platform including HDFS and YARN using core APIs for
interactive data exploration, Spark SQL, and DataFrame operations, developing
and deploying Spark applications, Spark Streaming and DStream operations, data
visualizations, performance, monitoring, reporting, and collaboration. HDPCD is
a firsthand performance-based certification for Spark on HortonWorks Data
Platform. In this Big Data certification, candidates have to perform actual
tasks including installation and running actual product.

Different Apache Spark Certification Available in the Market

If you are a Big Data expert and
have a good Big Data certification. It gives you a preference over others and adds
extra value to your resume. There is various Apache Spark certification
available on the market but the HortonWorks and Cloudera provide the best certification
as per the industry standards. Along with these two MapR, Databricks and Edureka
also provide Hadoop certification.

However, let’s focus on the
certification provided by the HortonWorks because it’s quite powerful and
remarkable as compared from others.

HDPCD Apache Spark Exam Overview

In HDPCD Apache Spark exam, you
have clear five task out of seven in a single node Hadoop cluster. All the
tasks should be executed on terminal using Spark-shell/ Python-shell. No IDE
will be used. The solution which is obtained using shell script/ commands need
to be saved on a Virtual machine and the output which has been extracted need
to be saved in a specific HDFS directory as well. This exam is two hours long
and the exam cost is USD 250.


Candidate should sound knowledge of
Apache ecosystems- HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Sqoob, Flume etc.  A good understanding Python and Scala is
needed. Knowledge of SQL for JDBC compliant databases.

Tips for the Preparation

The HDPCD Apache Spark exam is
tough. You have to gain in-depth knowledge of passing the exam. During the
preparation you must focus on this things:

Should learn the HDFS
and MapReduce.

Understand Hadoop 2.x

Thoroughly go through the chapters  1 to 9 in ” Learning Spark” by O’Reilly publication.

Should learn
Scala/Python clearly.

Practice lot of
questions of Spark core and Spark SQL in Spark-shell.

Learn Machine learning
theories like K-mean and Regression.

Learn how to work in
RDD in Spark.

Learn GraphX basics
like Vertex and Edge RDD.

Should learn Lineage

Acquire proper knowledge
of the variables of Accumulator and Broadcast.






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