How to use an automatic gas cooker


An Automatic gas cooker is an important appliance in the kitchen. However if not used properly it can easily cause accident and death. If properly used, it meets safety standards. An automatic gas cooker should not be used by children, people with reduced mental, physical and sensory capabilities for the sake of their safety and others.

An automatic gas cooker is efficient for it saves time. All parts should be carefully installed before use to ensure safety. This instruction guide should be read carefully before using you automatic gas cooker. It is an instruction on how to use a double burner automatic gas cooker. It also guides assembling of all parts. It highlights on care and maintenance of a gas cooker and troubleshooting too (Online Technical Writing, 2011).

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The double burner automatic gas cooker has electronic ignition system. Therefore, marches should not be used
Top panel
Double burner
Small burner
Gas control knob
Rubber legs

Installation procedure

Before using the cooker, you should confirm that you have the right model for your type of gas supply.
All the parts of the cooker should be assembled properly.
Place the gas control knob on to the gas cock axis and push it inward firmly.
Attach the rubber legs by turning the cooker upside down.
Place the trivets on top of the burner.
Push the rubber hose on to the hose joint as far it will go.
Place your gas cooker at a firm and level surface. The place should be spacious and with good aeration (Online Technical Writing: Instructions).

How to use your gas cooker

To light the burners

Open the main gas valve, then carefully push control knob to open the gas into the burning valve; make sure that the burner lights up. If it does not, turn off the knob and try to light on.

In case of double burner both the small and large burners will light. If you want to use only the small burner, continue turning the knob to the min position.

To adjust the flame sizes turn the control knob between MAX and MIN position.

To turn off the burners

Turn of the gas control knobs back to off position until you hear a click.

The burner should be put out immediately when you turn the knobs off.

Then turn off the main gas valve as well.

Maintenance of your gas cooker

Always clean the top of your gas cooker with soap and water and dry it completely. Do this when it is not hot to avoid burning
Check regularly the hose pipe for wear and change it occasionally. Clean it regularly and keep it away for heat sources.
Wash the trivet with water and soap and dry thoroughly before replacing.
Take care not to spill water and soap onto the electronic ignition for it will not function when it becomes wet.
Always keep your gas cooker clean for it to serve you for longer.

(Online Technical Writing: Instructions).


The gas cooker should only be used for cooking. Never try to dry clothes or other items over it,
Do not keep inflammables such as oil near the gas cooker.
Only rubber hose should be used and not plastic for it is dangerous.
Always make sure you turn off the knobs after use and also the main gas source should always be off when not in use.
The gas cylinder should be kept away at least 0.5m from the cooker.
Your kitchen should be well ventilated (Online Technical Writing: Instructions).

Trouble shooting

Gas smellsGas leak from pipe.

Rubber hose is damaged.

Burner is not lit.

Examine pipe and replace it.

Re-ignite it.

Flame is abnormalLack of gas supply.

Flame ports are blocked.

Burner is not in its correct position.

Replace gas cylinder.

Clean them.

Place it in the right position.

Does not igniteMain gas valve is closed.

Rubber hose is bent.

Open it.

Put it right.


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