Human Resource analysis


This paper focuses on the importance of accurately selecting the right action as a manager while conducting various essential activities in a company. Some key considerations that are going to be discussed in a managerial perspective includes; laying off employees, dressing code, employee monitoring, performance appraisal and individuals promotions.

How to lay off people

In order to fairly lay off employees, as a manager it will be essential to consider acceptable criteria like the performance of the employee and not the time when the employee joined the company. It will be unjust and of negative consequence to the culture of the company to lay off employees because they are still new. In essence according to Jackson (2008) the company’s perception will be derailed if the manager or the human resource manager conducts unjust dismissal, this may even percolate to the company’s performance.

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As a manager, I will therefore perform dismissal on the basis of performance and I will conduct the lay off with honesty and integrity in order to maintain the hardworking culture of the company. Using performance will also inspire the new workers to work even harder while the best performing workers will feel appreciated for their work. Since a company’s goal is to achieve its objectives, any poor performance may sabotage the company’s goals.

Establishing a dress code

Dressing code is one of the most essential sections of a company because it portrays an image to the clientele. Clients can easily judge the culture, attitude and expectations of a company based on how their staffs are dressed. It cannot be overemphasised how important dressing code is to a company’s culture which will be portrayed to the potential customers.

I will therefore as a manager create a dress code based on what I deem important for creating an acceptable perception of the company in the eyes of the clients. I will also define what is proper and improper according to the company’s culture.

Monitoring employees during working hours

Monitoring employee’s performance is one of the most essential factors for an organization. The rationale for this is to ensure that the company is focused on its objectives through the performance of its staff. Despite the professionalism and the experience of the employees, such employees can cease being focused if they perceive the company’s management as reluctant (Torrington, 2008).

I will therefore install a monitoring program and explain to the employees why there is need to take such actions. This will thus create the firmness of the company as well as making the employees responsible while undertaking their duties. Such an action will also be important when undertaking appraisal of the employees.

Conducting performance appraisal

A company can conduct performance appraisal based on different factors such as performance, behaviours and attitudes of employees (Torrington, 2008). These factors varies with organizations and thus important to consider organizational culture before deciding on the performance appraisal criteria.

As a manager, I will consider both the behaviour and performance as the key appraisal factors because of the long term benefits of the company. The rationale for this decision is to avoid unethical practises that primarily focus on sales figures rather than the long term consequences of the employee’s actions. My first option will thus be using behaviour to conduct performance appraisal before I consider the performance of the employee.

Promoting individuals

Promoting employees differ in criteria and based on the organization’s culture, it is thus imperative to consider organizational culture and objectives in order to perform promotions. Some organizations can opt for seniority criteria while others opt for objective performance (Torrington, 2008).

As a manager, I will opt for objective performance rather than seniority in order to focus the employees on the objectives of the organization rather than focusing their attention on their seniority status which may weaken their job performance.


This analysis has discussed how I will lay off employees based on their performance as accepted criteria. It has also focused on my choice of what I deem proper and improper based on the company’s culture.

I have also demonstrated the important of employee monitoring as a way of avoiding employee reluctance. In performing employee performance appraisal, I will opt to consider employees behaviours before I consider their results because of the long term benefits of the organization. More so, I have stated objective performance as a way of conducting promotion rather than seniority.


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