I couldn’t generally expect much from a second

I was perched on my seat in the
competition hall, gnawing my nails out of anxiety, sitting tight for the
competition to start. I raised my small hand to the splendid daylight falling
on the corner, where I was situated, and watched out of the window. I could
breathe the petrichor natural fragrance of the air and see the great rainbow
glazing over the window. I could see the leaves of the Casuarina tree, with its
rugged trunk intended deep with scars, with crimson red flowers clustered all
the boughs along, where birds and bees gathered all along the day, and a gray
baboon sitting on one of the higher branches watching his puny offsprings leap
about and play.

As the seconds ticked by, I asked
myself, “Why am I being compelled to take an interest in the creative
writing competition?”. The proctor was moving across the room with her
unfaltering gaze on me watching with eyes like a hawk as if I had done some
form of dishonesty during the competition. It was the time for the competition
to begin. No sooner did the proctor hand out the paper and give the guidelines
to start than I began perusing the essay prompt. I don’t recollect the essay
prompt, yet I do expound on myself. The competition was not just to judge
somebody in view of their composition abilities but also to consider the
tidiness of the penmanship. I wrote my essay in the neatest and the prettiest
penmanship conceivable. I don’t recall the contents of my essay but you
couldn’t generally expect much from a second grader who abhorred perusing and
detested composition. I had been far from what is socially acknowledged in an
Indian family.India is a nation filled where
employments pay low and the populace surpassing the available jobs by extremely
high numbers. It is difficult to have a stable upbeat life there without
thinking about the value climbs and sustenance insufficiency which is
developing every day at a speedy rate. Guardians who have experienced these
issue doubtlessly don’t want their kids to come across the same. Most Indian
guardians don’t have a profound learning of what profession entails or what
their prospects are. Cash, status, and job security are the watchwords that
each Indian parent dribbles over. Therefore, they have a tendency to consider
their child’s enthusiasm as the idiocy of the adolescent and implement their
desires of seeking after engineering or medical related majors. In Indian
families, more accentuation is for the most part on studying Math and Science
classes as opposed to English and Sociology classes. In spite of the fact that
kids get Harry Potter, Disney, and
Children’s story books to peruse as the bedtime stories, I used to get Math
books and was supposed to solve at least an exercise before my bedtime.

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Besides, I don’t have a family
foundation identified with English so I have been instructed to concentrate
more on Math and Science related classes. Along these lines, I never got an
opportunity to build up my interests for perusing and composing. One may
contend that interests are originated on the grounds that the individual is
great at something, yet the reason they’re great at it since they have
interests in that thing in the first place. Interests originate on the grounds
that our family or companions are additionally keen on a similar zone. My
family foundation was not the only reason for my reduced interests in English
but the way my English instructor used to grade our essay. Ultimately, students
abhor composing since they decipher feedback in a negative way, not
comprehending the areas that need improvement. And this improvement is what I
hoped would come out of the competition. How did the second-grade creative
writing competition transform into a vital crossroad in changing my attitude
towards perusing and composition?The second-grade exploratory writing
competition turned into a defining moment in my life as it changed my attitude
towards writing. Before this competition, I didn’t have faith in my written
work. The day is still vivid in my memory. I remember sitting on my desk
waiting to get my essay back. The only sound I could hear was my pulse, which
was accelerating at a supersonic speed. As the time drew close to get my essay
back, sweat beaded on my forehead out of apprehension. My face was as pale as
winter, I needed to clench my fists in order to stop them from trembling.
Reality came crashing down like a blow when I got my essay back. I was
expecting a shining A on the top of the paper, but it was a D. All my
expectations were shattered away, it seemed like all the diligent work I had
put into this essay went in vain. That was one of the earliest experience which
made me loathe perusing and detest writing. Participating in the creative
writing competition set the milestone for developing an interest towards

As soon as I reached home from the
competition, there were dozens of question from my parents. I needed a
gargantuan’s mouth to answer each one of those inquiries in the meantime. The
inquiries were: How was it?, What was the prompt?, What did you write on? And
so forth. I didn’t really care about the competition. I participated in it
because my parents wanted me to.

As time passed by, it was the time
for the result of first the round to come out. I was pretty much convinced that
I wouldn’t pass the first round. However, I couldn’t resist myself from
checking the result. Finally, I checked it and amazingly I discovered that I
had passed the first round and qualified for the second round. I couldn’t even
believe what I just saw, I was certain that there was some mistake in
evaluating my paper. I was upbeat and confused at the same time. But I didn’t
let triumph a chance to get over my head, cause I knew I needed to prepare for
the following round. I needed to win the second round in order to win this
creative writing competition. This creative writing competition influenced me
to read more essays and child mind-opening books that have uplifted my creative
ability to great heights. Hence, it marked the beginning of my enthusiasm for
reading and writing.

The writing was a cumbersome task
for me cause I couldn’t express the whirls of thoughts and emotions that were
running through my head. My attitude towards writing was enormously impacted by
my family and encompassing sentiments. Besides, I interpreted it in a negative
manner which limited my scopes of improvement. However, this phase of my life
triggered a strange curiosity in me and compelled me turn this weakness into a strength
and break the obligations of social desires. Schools are required to instruct
in the distinctive subjects for the overall development and improvement of a
child. Therefore, all domains of knowledge are imperative in order to develop
as a successful individual in the society.

Contradictory to what was expected,
negative criticism helped me develop my abiding interest in writing. I viewed
it as a challenge, a dread that I needed to combat. So, I began perusing books.
I read fiction, autobiographies, fantasy novels and discovered a few favorites
that include Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I started appreciating
reading and realized that it helped me improve my writing skills too. Reading
helped me introspect and provided a deeper insight into my perception of the
world. I have started maintaining a journal, and pen down all my thoughts in it
daily now. It not only helps me develop my writing skills but also shapes me as
a person. Inculcating writing in my everyday life has helped me get over my
fear and hatred for writing. Writing helped me reflect upon my psychology of
despising writing thereby aiding me to get over it. In fact, I have started to
like writing and can now say that I fought my fear well. 


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