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I introduce myself as a graduate from Damascus University, Syria with specializing in Telecommunication Engineering. The purpose of this letter is to supply basic information about my education also my interests and future plans, since I would like for master student position in Hungarian universities of Budapest and Debrecen.   The importance of education raised in me since I have grown among a family considers education as the first priority. That had a great influence on developing my personality. Now, we are two engineers, a surgeon and project manager. I have always been thinking about my future aiming at developing my career, I set a plan for achieving this long-term aim. By the plan, I accomplished some small objectives: graduated from high school in the number of the best students with a grade of 94 out of 100, graduated from university with a grade of 75 out of 100, my graduation project also was awarded a grade of 92 out of 100. My graduation project “intelligent navigation system” was designed and implemented based on Global Positioning System and Global System for Mobile Communication on the first hand, and machine learnable algorithms on the other hand. I collected data from selected parts of Damascus City using an integrated system compromised Arduino UNO board, ATWIN Quad-band GPRS/GSM board and GPS GARMIN eTrexLegend. The navigation system, after statistical model building and dimensionality reduction, underwent many tests and training processes to prove a high level of effectiveness. Moreover, I developed a new scientific approach on heuristics and tolerance concepts. That which subsequently made the A-star algorithm more efficient in finding the shortest paths.  I offered a training at Syria-Tel Company, during the fourth year, at the department of Mobile Core Engineering and earned the position of Packet Core Engineer. I was in charge of supporting identification, collecting of metrics and performance reporting processes as well as analyzing network and system response to determine tuning recommendations to improve performance. I also trained for year and a half at al-Reda Company in designing and implementing electronic circuits which made me eligible to work as VEX-robotics project coordinator at MAPS Company. Consequently, those experiences actively developed my career and mastered my practical knowledges. Recently, I have been involved in Syrian Young Leaders Program provided by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation for Syrian qualified youths to form a network of representatives of political life and civil society and volunteering with Jusoor Syria Forward (International NGO) in continuing education program for Syrian refugee students. The importance of postgraduate studies and scientific research that if integrates with entrepreneurship and leadership skills will inevitably create me as an entrepreneurial individual able to contribute in decision making and reconstruction of my home country, Syria.  Though my parents have not been able to afford my tuition fees and extreme conditions I have been going through I still determined to achieve my dream in pursuing my postgraduate studies. Instead of immigrating illegally to Europe, I made the decision that I have to rely upon myself in mastering my skills to become an overqualified individual and get the opportunity to receive a scholarship covers financially my studies. Based on that, I have received a scholarship to study project management at American University of Beirut at the time I have been planning for the next step. 


I'm Barry!

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