I make the best use of this well-deserved

I am glad to recommend Mr. Pasam Parthasaradhi Reddy for admission into the master’sprogram in Electrical Engineering offered at your esteemed institution. Mr. Parthasaradhis veryunique and exceptional character in the student community. I have been acquainted with him forthe past four years as a student of undergraduate studies under the electronics andcommunication engineering in our institute.My relationship with this particular student started when I handled a course onmicrocontrollers in fourth semester. He proved to be one of the finest students in his batch. I wasalso his supervisor for his microcontrollers laboratory work. He is not only inquisitive but wellversed in fundamentals of microcontrollers. He has a good understanding of the fundamentalswhich will help him a great deal in furthering his skills during the graduate studies in hisproposed field of VLSI.His intelligence and researching ability combined with interpersonal skills are worthcomplimenting here. He is articulate and can express himself very well both in formal teachingcontexts and in informal discussions. In these years of acquaintance I have found his ideas to beinnovative and creative. This was demonstrated by the work he did on his mini project based onembedded systems named ‘Design of Shadow Alarm’ and on major project based on VLSInamed ‘Design of Hybrid Carry Select Adder’.At a personal level, Parthasaradhis a well-disciplined, industrious student with apleasant personality. He is unstinting in his efforts to keep abreast with the latest technologies,’indefatigable in showing the application of theory to practice in the laboratory. In addition to thishe is very good at extra curricular activities. He shown a active participation in every event thattaken place both on campus and off campus.He proved to be an asset to our department and to our college. I.rate Mr. Parthasaradhi inthe top 5%o of his class of 72. I fully endorse my recommendation for Mr. Parthasaradhi’sadmission into master’s program at your university. I am sure, this student will prove worthy ofyour expectations and will make the best use of this well-deserved opportunity.