I of people from kids to adults and

I have been playing games for my whole life. Not only
have video games have changed the entertainment
industry but they have also changed the way we view
people who create the entertainment that we play

and enjoy. We love everything about video games
from the graphics, story, immersion and many more
things about video games. We get to create online
connections with online friends who you can meet
if they are halfway around the world and make
meetings with those friends online to meet in person.
We also create online communities to not only voice
our opinion on games that we like but to also tell the
people who create these video games to how to make
the video games that they create better and would
make us love these video games even more. The
gaming industry is changing and evolving every day

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as we move forward towards both better technology
and faster ways to make video games. We are now
able to see video games in our own living space using
things like virtual reality headsets, augmented reality
apps and mixed reality where we can mix digital
objects and put them into the real world. Video
games can make us care for the world they create,
what characters they create, what decisions that we
make with our online friends and family to choose
on how we go through each game whether they are
played with friends, family and online communities.
Even schools are starting to use video games as a way
of learning for entertainment industries around the
world as they cater to all types of people from kids to
adults and from fun to scary, there is a video game for



The graphics have also changed drastically between
each evolution of video games. The graphics went
from a basic small pixels to 3d images of characters
and places. The evolution of consoles and controllers
have changed drastically between each generation
from the 1st generation which started in the 1960s to
now which is the 8th generation of 2013. The consoles,
controllers, games for each of their consoles and other
consoles have both inflated and deflated depending

on what they have to offer for our entertainment to
play and watch. There are also now different types of
video game tournaments where you can win money
and other prizes. These tournaments are also known
as electronic sports or E-sports for short as these are
livestreamed through multiple social medis outlets

like youtube, twtich, facebook, twitter and many,
many more outlets around the world. We also created
a system called the ESRB rating scale to grade a game
based on what content is offered inside that game.
When games got too gory and too violent for anyone
to play, we created the ESRB ratings scale so that we
can cater to our own ages of gaming. EC for early
childhood, E for everyone, E10+ for everyone ages 10
and up, T for teenagers, M17+ for mature people 17
years and older, AO18+ for adult people who are 18
years and older, KA meaning the game is both catered
for kids and adults and RP means that the rating has
not been decided on that certain game. They have also
changed the ESRB rating a bit to make it simpler for us
to read the ratings on every game we see, buy and rent.

We started to also have people stream video games to
a daily basis now to where even the viewers of get to
decide on that livestream of that video game what to
do in that situation. we are now making money just
from making videos to make us live a dream where we
can create the content we want and can do whatever
we want in that specific game. The games people have
created not only innovated the technology industry
but now there are even military and even doctors

that are using games and mixed reality to see where
they can not only improve but also to understand
what to do next in that situation. As we move forward
toward better technology like floating cars and actual
hoverboards from the back to the future movie, we are
going to create better, stronger and faster games that
will now always receive feedback from it’s players and
can always critique what is wrong and what is right
and the developers of that can fix it right away. we are
moving so fast that there are times where so many
games can come out in the same month and decide

to buy all of them because they could all be really
great. there are reviewers that review every game and
recommend which games to buy. You are a gamer if
you like any type of game as games now have so much
variety that we started to combine genres together just
to create a really good game. we started from video
game cabinets to now consoles that we can now own in
our own house and play with our friends and families.
I not only love video games but i also love board
games like Secret Hitler and card games like Yugioh
and Magic The Gathering. Also The Technology Has
Improved Intesnly from 8-bit graphis to now 4k and in
2018 hopefully 8k graphics so that we can see just how
each game looks so beautiful that it looks like they are
so real. 


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