I resources, yet the people are suffering and

I was born in Nigeria, a country that is so rich in human and natural resources, yet the people are suffering and lack good and quality health care system. While growing up in Northern Nigeria, I witnessed people dying of various diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, yellow fever, polio and other types of preventable diseases. Mental Illness is a predominant disease in Nigeria coupled with lack of care for vulnerable people within the society, many Nigerians have misconception and beliefs about mental illness and therefore stigmatise people with health illness. Having the opportunity to come to the United Kingdom with my family has opened my eyes to what a good health care system can be like and the opportunity of working with professionals within the healthcare system has spurred me on in my belief about helping and caring for other people in need. I had always had an innate desire to help and care for people and making a positive impact on the community.

I am currently in Blackburn College studying towards obtaining a Level 3 Diploma in Nursing. My module in college includes Biology, Sociology and Professional healthcare practice. My favourite subject is Biology because it is the study of Life and how the human body works. Am looking forward to discovering more about this in the University. I also enjoy professional healthcare practice which teaches me more about the health system and the policy and structure of the NHS. Attending college have given me more confidence about being able to study for a degree in Nursing and the importance of planning and meeting deadlines. I have been able to juggle being a mother and a student while also having a balance in my Life. I practice Yoga twice a week and on Saturdays, I take a long walk to relax and reflect on how my week went.

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I am fully aware that the nursing profession is a challenging career but for me the thought of helping people supersede any obstacles and difficulties I could encounter on the job. I have gained valuable employment experience and extensive knowledge working with vulnerable adults with challenging behaviours in the field of the healthcare sector in the last 10 years in the UK. I am responsible for caring for clients and service users in almost all aspects of their daily lives. I undertake a range of duties by offering personal care and interaction, administering medication and assisting by providing clients with emotional support, leisure activities such as going on day trips and preparing and serving food. Working with old people has greatly improved my confidence when dealing with clients and has boosted my communication skills effectively and helped me to be more compassionate and friendly. Having patience, tolerance and empathy are important elements to be a successful Nurse.


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