Identified I would pose to the the CIO

critical systems that YARP depends on is the service desk, billing platform,
remote access and the payroll system. Its functions are used for call logging,
monitoring, backups, scheduling, billing and payroll. Shared systems are
commonly used such as share point and exchange. The LAN features wireless and
cable to an onsite data room. WAN has two independent service providers for
redundancy and used concurrently. Data is stored offsite, the platform Exchange
in isolation to the rest due to different service providers, there are
dedicated links to these locations. Backups are cloud based and are randomly

Questions that I would pose to the the CIO are as follows:

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How is access by both internal
and external parties in and out of the environment monitored and controlled are
these logs automated and audited?

By providing a high volume of
remote support how are invalid user access being detected and monitored. Please
indicate the frequency of these threats.

What are the actions steps
taken if there is a significant difference in network traffic beyond the
operational norms? Is this monitored for both the internal environment as well
as at off site locations?

What are the policies and
procedures with regard to the access of client information how is controlled,
are these logs automated and audited?

Access to privilege information
is an identifiable business risk. How often are the rules to the shared
services platforms reviewed and how is this verified. Are there multiple
authentication levels required to certain systems e.g. Payroll?

Kindly verify that all data
both customer as well as internal data that passed through the environment is
encrypted this includes data in motion, at rest and in motion?

Exchange is a large portion of
the operational tool set, is there encryption, filtering and active auditing enabled
to reduce the risk of confidential data leaving the business.   

Being largely dependent on
remote support and having constant open sessions online please provide an
overview on the antivirus platform. Does it have real time detection and auto
correct possible threats. To what extent this the application cover Malware?

What measures and policies are
in place with the third party service providers to evaluate their network
security and the frequency that this occurs.

How is patch management tracked and rolled out,
and how can you ensure that all systems are up to date with regards to active
threat trends. Including the offsite backups. 


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