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If you have children:Which parenting style(s) do you practice the most with them (can be one or a combination of the five)?As I was going through the slides I have to say I’m little bit of everything an authoritarian, authoritative, and very much attached parent all EXCEPT uninvolved and permissive. Describe an experience/experiences where you used this/these parenting style(s). Explain the situation, how you used the parenting style(s) (your words, behaviors, tactics, etc.), and the result.This happens often my kids fighting. Last night my authoritarian side came out because I was tired of hearing my little ones fussing and fighting over their toys. When my 2-year-old son grabbed her Barbie doll from his sister, I demanded that he return the Barbie immediately. My tone wasn’t friendly or nice because I was irritated by their fighting. I try hard not to be that type of parent, or react out of frustration. I have to say I do try to be more authoritative because I show both my children a lot of love and warmth, by being sensitive to their needs. For example, when my 4-year-old daughter snatch her toy from her cousin, my authoritative side responds sensitively, but firmly. I respond to her by saying, “I understand you would also like to play with this doll, but your cousin is playing with it right now. When she is done, you can have a turn playing with the doll.” I can relate to attachment parenting I breastfed both my babies when they were smaller but we still co-sleep. Although my kids love being around their dad they rather come to me in their time of need. I vowed to never be an uninvolved parent because that’s how my parents were when I was growing up and I ended up in foster care. I’m also not a fan of permissive parenting because growing up in foster care one of my foster mom (I only had two) she always tried to be my friend and I had a terrible attitude and did whatever it is I wanted to do and not get punished for it because she was so worried about hurting my feelings rather than appropriately disciplining me. Now that I am a parent myself I have to say that it’s not easy being a mom but challenging and rewarding.


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