III. support, counseling, and informing the public about

III. Country Policy and Solutions Violence against women and children has been prevalent for hundreds of years. However today an impact can be made. Many global organizations assist women in improving their lives from domestic violence. One of those many organizations includes HERA which is based in Croatia. HERA was solely created in order to aid women and children in recovering from domestic abuse. Within the organization, there is a three-year program network of support and assistance of victims and witnesses of domestic crime. The program has been implemented in the Women’s Room and partnering organizations. The main goal is to provide assistance and support to victims in countries where there aren’t established departments/organizations made to support victims and witnesses. The main objectives of the program are to raise knowledge/awareness, provide assistance, provide emotional support, counseling, and informing the public about the system of support for the victims and witnesses. Although HERA is an already established organization, implementing it into other countries, as it is one of the programs goals, will help improve the lives of all domestic violence victims and witnesses. Other than HERA and three-year program, a way to solve the issue is to tackle the psychological stance of the actual perpetrators. Many perpetrators aren’t mentally stable which initiates them into harming their significant other or child. Domestic abuse offender treatment programs are one of many steps towards protecting women and children against domestic violence. Doctors and psychologists have come together in order to create programs that help improve the minds of domestic violence (DV) offenders. These programs are often called batterer intervention program (BIP). THe Cognitive therapy tests can be distributed within hospitals or wellness centers. More specifically, across the United States, there are thousands of wellness centers and treatment centers for those who are mentally ill. Taking these treatments centers and implementing them globally will prove extremely beneficial. However many rural countries may not have a hospital nearby which enable different programs and organizations to implant mobile wellness centers or classes in schools to intervene with the perpetrator. Domestic violence is a learned behavior which means that it can be “unlearned.” A perpetrator’s behavior is learned over the years or adopted by being abused when younger. Unlike Anger Management programs, Batterer’s/Offender’s Intervention programs are much longer and more comprehensive in order to fully recover the abuser. The intervention programs address the main causes that contribute to violent behavior and it also challenges abuser to recognize and fix their abusive behavior and attitude towards their significant other or child with the goal of preventing future and current violence. Overall through the further implementation of HERA and perpetrator programs, women and children will have the luxury of feeling safe in their own home.