Illegal Migration

The legal framework relating to this issue

Illegal migration takes place when citizens of one country enter to a foreign country without following the laid rules and guidelines thus violating the laws of the country which they enter to. The issues about illegal migration in the USA has been a problem for quite a long time and as a result, measures have been taken and a legal framework has been established to deal with this vice.

As of the year 2007, it was estimated that about 20 million migrants to the US were in the country illegally where the majority of illegal migrants were noted to be from the neighboring Mexico.

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The legal framework under which issues dealing with illegal migration in the US is found in its Immigration Policy. The policy not only does it control illegal migration, but it also reflects different and diverse goals such as reuniting people with their relatives, providing labor in the sectors which seem to have shortages and many more. This policy covers both the legal and illegal migrants to the US.

In the part of illegal US migrants, the migration policy states that any person found living in the US can be made to leave the country either through a formal process (such as use penalties, fines and prohibition from future entries or may be asked to leave the country at will). The US immigration policy has undergone several changes and amendments since the country attained its independence in order to cater for the different situations which have arisen with globalization and advancements in technology.

The recent restructuring of the US migration laws were done with the enactment of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 which enabled the state to create the department of Homeland Security (DHS). With the creation of DHS, the functions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service were transferred to the Department of Homeland Security which is better armed with the resources of dealing with migration (Wasem & Esther, 2007).

Whether or not this issue exists in other countries, and if so, how it is handled by differing groups

Any country which has borders experiences the problems of illegal migrants irrespective of where it is located. The illegal migration issue has been more about economics since most of the people who migrate from their countries to other countries do this in search of better economic conditions which can help them in living better. For example there as always been the issue of African in the north migrating to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea in search of better working conditions in Europe which are inexistent on in their countries.

To deal with problems of illegal migration, countries such as Italy which has been facing large number of migrants from China, Albania, northern Africa countries and other countries has tightened the border control by moving soldiers to the board in an effort to deter illegal migrants. If arrested, illegal migrants are given a span of fifteen days to leave the country but if you come from countries such as Albania, you are deported immediately (Migration News, 1995).

In other countries such as Germany, the government has been taken measures to prevent the influx of illegal migrants by using several strategies such as making the border difficult to cross. This has been made possible by harmonizing of the migration rules through out the European Union countries. Other measures have been through fighting the origins of migration as well as fighting the trafficking of migrants (Brieskorn & Muller, n. d.).


Illegal migration has not just been a problem to the US but also across different countries in the world. As a result, authorities in respective countries have taken measure to control cases of illegal migration either by enacting laws which prevent migration or by creating avenues such as the European Union Visa which allows one to migrate within the European Union countries at will without the necessity of multiple visas.

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