Immediately to teach myself how to manage my

after I started college, I noticed the toll this stress had taken on me. Denson
et al. (2009); Rimes and Watkins (2005); Kross, Ayduk and Mischel (2005) have
suggested that, “how an individual perceives and appraises a stressor has a
significant impact on the consequent coping behaviors and a ruminative approach
to coping which stress invariably fosters negative affect.” These negative thoughts
were continuous as the weeks went by, and I began to feel anxious, depressed
and angry at myself. When all my professors began shoving assignments at me, I
was quickly overwhelmed with all the work I had. Along with this feeling of
being overwhelmed, I started to get more headaches than usual. I began to feel
very anxious, and the thought of classwork was always on my mind. As a result,
I would have a difficult time falling asleep at night. I would lay awake
stressing about what the next day might bring, and shook out of nervousness. These
are just a few of the effects stress had on my health.

            There were some bad habits I fell
into early on that negatively affected my health. I found myself eating
obsessively at night, which caused me to add a few pounds to my weight. Next, I
tried to cope with my anxiety by simply ignoring it and thinking it would go
away over time. This only led to the problem getting worse, and nothing getting
resolved. I should have sought help from others instead of putting it off. Finally,
I would often stay up late to cram more assignments into my night, which would
cause me to lose sleep and feel groggy the next day. However, I quickly found
out that there were healthier alternatives to these coping methods.

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To overcome the stress, I had to use some positive coping
strategies. To curb my anxiety, I started to work out at the recreational
center. This method allowed me to take my mind off of school and the stress it
caused me. Another positive strategy was making a schedule of all my
assignments and events. I used this schedule to teach myself how to manage my
time more effectively. The schedule took away the stress of a busy workload by
dividing it into smaller, more manageable tasks. Lastly, I came home on the
weekends to see my friends and family. Seeing them was very relaxing and helped
to elevate some of my stress.

In my first semester
of college, I was faced with new challenges that had both positive and negative
impacts on my health. I had to learn how to cope with the stress that came with
these challenges. There were unhealthy coping strategies I used to deal with
the stress at first, but I have since found healthier ways to combat this stress.
I am sure this is not the only stress I will encounter in college, but when new
problems arise, I will use my past experiences to solve these problems


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