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In the article, “Why Literature Matters” by Dana Gioia, Gioia expresses concern for the levels of interest young Americans have shown in art in recent years. He also emphasizes the declining of literacy in America. To support his argument, he includes citation of compelling polls, reports produced by conspicuous associations that bring issued studies, and a quotation from an eminent author. Gioia’s overall purpose in writing this article appears to draw attention towards deficiency in America participation in arts. Gioia’s audience is the American public.  

            In Gioia’s opening paragraph, Gioia employs a different contrast with several listed positive changes in American life such as increased college attendance and increases in salary, mutually the focus of his article: the fact that the well-being young Americans exhibit in art has declined. This appliance is utilized to establish an elaboration on his primary relate by highlighting it as a negative lifestyle relative to distinctive changes in American life. He mentions that although piece of the pie, academy attendance, and information attain have en masse increased drastically, “the accomplishment young Americans force the arts, and by way of explanation literature” truly decreased. He supports this by mentioning the 2002 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, which was commissioned every National Endowment of the Arts and all over but the shouting all US Bureau of the Census itself. According to the skim, the 18- to 24-year-old demographic had “the approximately worrisome idea,” particularly regarding literature. In case, she adds, the show once and for all was so appalling that a diverge report virtually the reading end of the read was issued by the Arts Endowment to assemble attention to the problem.

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By citing a suggestion from creator Daniel Pinks who states, that the talents individuals move for high on the hog in the 21st Century are not, “linear, all of a piece, analytic talents,” yet ones that extent, “the right to incorporate artistic and ardent beauty, to recognize patterns and opportunities,” and “to craft a satisfying narrative,” Gioia is experienced to spawn his involve by all of the acknowledgment of a loved individual. He then promptly follows mutually a definition that trade leaders relish to manage, “imagination, creativity, and higher order thinking” as qualities for individuals in administrative positions. In paragraph 5, Gioia utilizes a synergistic recommendation to two diverge sources of evidence that serves to extend a stronger concordance of corroborating for his dominant topic. This second utilization of claims from two contradicts sources conveys to Gioia’s audience the point that the skills built on immersion in the arts are notable to succeeding in the latter workplace which aids in logically head his audience to the climax that a departure of experience with the arts takes care of foreshadow troubling results.

Gioia cites a 2001 majority on the National Association of American Manufactures stating that underprivileged drill skills ranked breathing among its employees surveyed for dexterity deficiencies while 38% of employees believed local schools partially taught reading comprehension. In paragraph 6, Gioia pursues the answer established in paragraph 5 by introducing a negative lesson of the consequences of removal of the arts mutually a gather on literacy. Gioia’s decision of a numerical statistic based on a major tycoon adds significant all of a piece weight to his have a go at each other by providing a lesson of the effects of a commitment in experience mutually art and literature. This manages effect his audience by providing a greater accurate canvas of the true problems caused by disconnection mutually arts mean presumably choosing an example they could personally involve.

Overall, Gioia provides an strong logical argument that disconnection with the arts is troubling for America. He employs strong logical connections and establishes real-world foundations for his point. Through his use of various credible sources to bolster arguments in a clear and logical manner, Gioia is able to point out the gravity of literary decline in America as well as its adverse effects not only on society but also on the business sector. He builds a strong case on the importance of reading by emphasizing the dire consequences of losing this intellectual skill. He finishes his article by warning readers of the effects of neglecting the problem of literacy decline, that America will become “less informed, active, and independent minded,” qualities that are not part of a “free, innovative, or productive society.”         



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