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In the chapter of Genesis in the Bible, Adam and eventually Eve are introduced as the beginning of humanity, created by God. The Island in Lord of the Flies represents the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve are free to live.  The book takes place during World War II, the boys are flying out of England, which is currently a war zone, and are supposed to be taken to a place where they can live safely.  However, the plan is abruptly interrupted when the plane is shot down and crash lands on an uninhabited island.   Although the boys do not know when they will be rescued, they are able to realize that in order to survive for a longer period of time they will have to find a good source of food.  Jack embraces the role as the lead hunter and is eager to go out to hunt for the pigs they have seen wandering around the island.  Jack becomes enraged when he is unable to capture and kill a pig, he “slammed his knife into a trunk,” just after yelling, “it broke away before I could kill it,”(31).  This is recognized as the beginning of Jack’s descent into savagery.  At the same meeting when Jack proclaims this, he continues arguing with Ralph.  Ralph decided that the group will have ” ‘Lots of rules!  Then when someone breaks `em–,’ ” he was interrupted by  Jack who started to make obnoxious noises, ” ‘Wee-oh, wacco, bong, doink!’ “(32).  Jack is unable to realize what he is doing is out of line because his judgement has been harmed by his recent hunting experience.  Lastly, at this meeting, a smaller boy would like the group to address his concerns about the “beastie” that he had seen in the woods the previous night.  The boy is beginning to describe it as a  “snake-thing,” but, ” ‘now he says it was a beastie’ “(32).  The boy first calling this monster a “snake-thing” can be compared to the first appearance of the devil in the Bible when the devil appears as a snake and tempts Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.  When Jack gets a “taste” of the kill he is unable to turn back to the person he was before he made that decision, similar to when Adam and Eve had a taste of the forbidden fruit and they were not allowed to return to the Garden of Eden. Later on, when the hunters recruit extra boys to capture and kill their first pig, the signal fire is left unattended and is not burning when a ship passes by in the distance.  Ralph was furious with Jack for taking the boys away from the fire so the group of hunters would be large enough to trap a pig for killing.  It is in this moment that Jack becomes a definitive symbol of the devil on the island, ” ‘we needed everyone,’ “(75).  Jack acted just like the devil did, in the Bible the devil pulled Adam and Eve away from the promise they made to not eat from the tree which bore the forbidden fruit similarly, Jack pulls the pair of boys who were to be watching the fire away from their promise to keep the fire going.  Even though Ralph’s anger was consuming him, he knew that to survive he would have to eat the meat of the pig that Jack had killed. After Ralph ate the meat he gains awareness of himself, for the first time he noticed how “this wind pressed his grey shirt against his chest,” and “how the folds were stiff like cardboard, and unpleasant,”(82).  In the Bible, Adam and Eve become more aware of their appearance after eating the forbidden fruit, the two realize they are naked, similar to how Ralph is realizing how his appearance has changed.  During this same realization, Ralph is slowly looking around at the beauty that surrounds him.  Whilst Ralph is looking around he discovers “dirt and decay,”(82), which is symbolic of sin.  In the Bible, the act of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit creates mortal sin, Ralph’s revelation is symbolic of the mortal sin people have been born with because of the disrespectful act of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  The meat eaten by the boys forever changes them, similar to how the eating of the forbidden fruit forever changes humanity.  The boys’ exit from the island represents Adam and Eve’s dismissal from the Garden of Eden.  Ralph is the only boy who has yet to join Jack’s group after Samneric are taken, Ralph runs into the forest to avoid being forced to come under Jack’s control.  Ralph is afraid of what Jack is threatening to do to him so, “he pulled himself between the ferns, tunneling in… huddled himself down in the darkness,”(212).  This compares to when Adam hid from God because he was afraid of what might happen to him.  Secondly, the first confrontations between the outside talk to them about what they have done wrong.  The naval officer greeted Ralph with a grin and proceeded to ask if there were ” ‘any dead bodies?’ “(223).  This is similar to when “the Lord God said to the woman, ‘What is this you have done?’ “(Genesis 3:13), they are both asked about topics that are negative and do not affect just them.  Finally, after the boys leave the island aboard the ship, the island is left destructed and in ruins.  This is shown through how the naval officer realized that there are people on the island, ” ‘we saw your smoke,’ “(223).  In the Bible, after Adam and Eve admit to disobeying God’s command he curses the livestock and turns the ground to dust for them to eat.  The events leading up to the boys’ removal from the island compare to the dismissal of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The island that the boys land on in Lord of the Flies represents the Garden of Eden found in the chapter of Genesis in the Bible.  When the boys arrive on the island they are free to live and move around the island as they wish.  The physical and mental experiences of the boys while on the island causes them to deteriorate and descend into savagery and commit sinful acts.  Adam and Eve are tempted by the devil and descend into an act that creates mortal sin.  The people of the world make decisions that not only negatively affects them, but it negatively affects the people who will be alive after that decision is made.   People began to release carbon dioxide emissions into the air in the early nineteen hundreds, because of this decision the earth’s temperature today is at an all time high and it is affecting the way people function.