In Gulliver’s Travels originally contain a four-way journeys:

In literature, one of the most read pieces of literature are adventure ones, in which the characters go through one or multiple physical journeys. One of those books that emobdy the idea of a man whose travels never stop is the Jonathan Swift’s famous Gulliver’s Travels.  It tells a story about a man named Guliver who, because of a  shipwreck, comes to Liliput, a land of tiny finger sized people called Liliputians. He is captured and taken to their town where he learns their language, and helps them in different kind of troubles. This land is not the only one, but just the first from all of the journey encountings he goes through. Gulliver’s Travels originally contain a four-way journeys: A trip to Lilliput, The Way to Brobdingnag, The Road to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib and Japan and The Way to the land of horses named the Houyhnhnms.  His adventures have a similar composition: boarding on a ship, then shipwrecks that take Gulliver on some unknown land, the unusual Gulliver’s experiences with the inhabitants of those unknown lands where he catches up on their way of life, different happenings and adventures on those islands, and finally, avoidance and return to his homeland. With every voyage that he takes, he experiences different contrasts of the physical. From being a giant among the Liliputans, where can beat the enemy’s navy just by himself, to being a miniature creature on an island among giants, where he has no physical power compared to them, as he did have in the first journey. The Brobdiganians abuse him and sell him for his shortness. Unlike his physical journey and strenght that he gets or loses, he experiences mental improvement and knowladge, throughout his two last journeys. It can be seen that Gulliver is not the same person in the begining and in the end of the books.

 We could, of course, read Gulliver’s travels as imaginative and irresistibly fun adventures of an English sailor in unknown and inconceivable countries, but that would be just the superficial understanding of the book. Like the most adventure books, this one has a deeper meaning, in this case it’s the satirical and misanthropic  idea of the human behaviour. 

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