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In Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, I performed the role of the George Seacole in Scene 3.3. George Seacole was just given the task as the new watchmen by dogberry. Seacole doesn’t portray much significance to the play, but is one of the discoverers of Don John’s plot to frame Hero at her wedding.  Dogberry and Verges interviewed George seacole and assigned him to be the new addition to the watch. His objective was to keep the streets of Messina safe and lookout for any suspicious activity during the night. He seems to be more knowledgeable and alert than Dogberry and Verges.Dogberry, the head constable, and Verges, his deputy, command and govern them. Dogberry and Verges are both good men and take their jobs very seriously, but they are also very goofy. Dogberry mastered malapropisms, always getting his words mixed with the opposite definition.The watch are very alert, but not very effective at apprehending crime. As Dogberry gives his orders to his men, it becomes clear that the Watch aren’t given much work or ordered to do very little. For example, when asked how the men should react when a person refuse to stop in the name of Don Pedro’s, Dogberry replies with, “Why then take no note of him, but let him go, and presently call the rest of the watch together, and thank God you are rid of a knave” (3.3. 25–27). Basically, the watchmen were ordered to send drunk people home and sleep their drunkenness off. If the drunks won’t listen, they were ordered to totally ignore them and avoid any ruckus in the streets. They themselves are not allowed to make too much noise in the street, but they can sleep instead. They are advised not to pursue thieves, because it isn’t good for honest men to have too much to do with dishonest ones because it may harm their reputation. They also were told to wake up the nurses of crying children, unless the nurses ignore them, in which case they should just let the child wake the nurse by crying instead. In short, they can do whatever they desire and don’t have to do anything at all, as long as they are careful not to let the townspeople steal their weaponsDogberry gives his men a final order: act particularly vigilant near the house of Leonato, for Leonato’s daughter, Hero, is to be married the next day, and the house is filled with commotion and chaos. After Dogberry and Verges depart, the men they have left behind sit down quietly on a bench and prepare to go to sleep.Suddenly, the watchmen are interrupted by the entrance of Don John’s associates, Borachio and Conrad. Borachio, who does not see the watchmen, informs Conrad about what has happened this night. Acting on the plan he developed with Don John, Borachio made love to Margaret, Hero’s waiting maid, at the window of Hero’s room, with Margaret dressed in Hero’s clothing. Don Pedro and Claudio, who were hiding nearby with Don John, saw the whole thing and are now convinced that Hero has been disloyal to Claudio. Claudio, feeling heartbroken and betrayed, has vowed to take revenge upon Hero by publicly humiliating her at the wedding ceremony the next day. The watchmen, who have quietly listened to this whole secretive exchange, now reveal themselves and arrest Borachio and Conrade for “lechery,” by which they mean treachery. They haul them away to Dogberry and Verges for questioning.


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