In whichever way you were guided here, I

In whichever way you were guided here, I can assume there is a desire for music inspiration in your business. What I do at Identifying Sound: I have created a personalized music supervising service which means I curate playlists specifically for your business. Why, you ask? My previous experience includes working in trendy retail stores, popular and historical restaurants in LA, San Diego, New York and Connecticut. I know what a true customer experience is, and how special and lasting it can be. Music leverages certain instincts and sentiments; it is a platform in which we associate feelings, memories and our 5 senses. I think you’ll agree on it plays a huge role in all of our everyday lives. That being said, the music you choose to represent your brand should be intentional, individualized and influential to your customer’s valuable time in your space. Owning or running any type of business is a labor of love that consists of multiple components. One of those components being the huge chunk of money spent on the fundamentals of any restaurant, store front, salon, etc. I’m sure you can recall going through the process of meticulously creating your business’s own personal style; the aesthetic. Whether or not you considered your music to be a part of this creative process, it is important to know how truly vital your sound is, so that your brand is wholly represented to its highest potential. So why is music in an establishment such a last minute thought for so many?  Selecting the proper music is a time consuming task that not many business owners have the time to do, or have the proper individual to assign the job to. At the beginning of your work day, I’m sure many of you can relate to throwing on a random Pandora station, or short playlist one of your employees made that has been on loop for 3 months. The reason why this route could be holding you back from more/ new business, is because creating the full experience for your customer has not been completed; the ambiance is lacking. Where I come into play: As a music supervisor, I am responsible for emulating everything your brand represents through song choice. I will identify your unique sound and overall vibe in a way that popular music services’ radio stations cannot. I will implement fresh, ahead of the curve songs that you surely don’t hear in your average establishment. Throughout my years of being a passionate music enthusiast, I have acquired a vast understanding of all genres. I am a habitual seeker of new artists and sounds that are keeping this industry exuberant and infinite. This has made it extremely exciting for me to create musical identities for various businesses and brands. What I do and how I begin: Once we have established a potential interest in moving forward, I will visit your location and evaluate! This is where I observe your business’ target market, style, setting, overall atmosphere, etc. An important part of how I select songs for your playlist(s) is hearing, from you, what your vision is for enhancing the business overall. I will create a one-of-a-kind tracklist filled with music that seamlessly flows with your space, yet also stands out as a defining feature. My goal at the end of the day is to personalize your sound, and take your existing customer’s experience to the next level. The idea is to increase and attain food traffic that turns customers into clients, and guests into regulars, all through the help of an extraordinary music library. I will offer a two hour sample playlist, free of charge and specifically for your business, to use for a trial period. I once read a quote that said “music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” Music creates memories and is one of the gifts of the world that connects us all. Identifying Sound is the tool you deserve to implement this power into your business. Virus-free.


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