INDIAN from the services of a quality telecom


Indian Telecom
Services is an organized civil service sector run by Government of India and
some reputed players from private sectors. It consists of various
Government-owned and Private sectors companies currently running and prospering
in the market today. All of these organizations are regulated by Government
owned regulating agency TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and
controlled by DoT (Department of Telecommunications) under Ministry of
Communications and Information Technology. It was first formed in 1965 to meet
the technical and managerial functions of the Indian Government in areas
related to telecommunications and now has infiltrated in our regular life to
such an extent that we cannot even think a world without this service. Today,
we can benefit from the services of a quality telecom provider to get the most
out of our telecom needs.

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This service is vital
to the success of the country’s economy. It suffices our need to get the most
out of our marketing plans. Such efforts are vital for ensuring that businesses
around India can grow and thrive over time. Our country is second-largest
telecom market with 105 crores subscribers in its kitty and this base is swiftly
increasing on an everyday basis.

About the Service

Telecom companies, such as BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea offers
telecom services to people all over India; and, as a joint venture with Bharti
Airtel and Star Global Resources Ltd., Indian Farmers’ Fertilizer Co-operative
Ltd (IFFCO) has started IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd. to play a vital role in
contributing to the lives of people living in Indian villages and to promote
its potential in Indian rural landscape while ensuring farmers get the
information they require for their work. The general purpose of the Indian
telecom services entails working to get a quality setup ready for receiving important
information for various intentions.

Vital Services

Telecommunication plays a very crucial role in our life. Use of
different kinds of telecommunication is now an integral part of our social
structure, be it Landline, Mobile, Internet or Broadband services, and all of
this comes with a bundle of features. All these features that are being offered
to us have now become almost a necessity for us. Now middle and lower class
population, which is the backbone of a developing economy like India, can also
feel the power of Internet in their hands, and that even at a cheap rate,
thanks to the ever-growing market of smartphones and ‘Digital India’ campaign,
due to which telecommunication has outspread itself as never before.

Internet and Broadband Penetration

Apart from already-known numerous benefits to business sectors,
telecommunication is affecting other sectors as well. Now, farmers can take
proper information regarding weather, best price for their commodity, expert
opinions about their crop. Schools and Colleges are using multimedia-based
telecommunication services to giving lectures, delivering homework on a
cloud-based application to educate children. Health sector is also taking big
leaps, for example doctors are using video-conferencing facility to treat a
patient in case they could not reach physically at the patient place. Any
aspiring artist can show his/her skills on social media and get ‘likes’ and
fame instantly. Social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat,
Instagram, YouTube, etc. have already prove their mettle as well as potential
in making this world as a one true global village, where everyone is always
connected with their loved ones. All this is happening due to the internet and
broadband services, which improves our ability to get our work handled in a
proper and controlled fashion.

Moving Towards the Future

The future of telecom services entails providing access to rural
regions of India. This includes giving people of this country extra help with
handling more of their telecom needs as they see fit. Contributing
approximately 5 per cent to the country’s GDP, India is going to be a leading
player in virtual world by 2025 and, if experts are to be believed, Internet
services are expected to become as worthy as 10 lakh crore rupees by 2020. It
is also expected to generate 40 lakhs direct and indirect jobs by 2022.
According to a study, India is all set to become fourth-largest market in
smartphones by 2020. In the next decade, we could see a whole new level of
evolution in telecom services which will allow consumers to always be at
forefronts in their respective businesses. With favourable regulation policies
from Indian government and plans to auction 5G spectrum in financial year
2018-2019, this sector is expected to witness exponential growth in the next
few years.


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