Influence of Customer’s Culture on the Expectations of a Hotel/Resort Experience

Asian customers are known to always expect quality services regardless of the cost of the service. In addition, they are known to prefer services whereby the quality of interpersonal relationship and the interaction between them and those that are serving them is high.

This may be attributed to the fact that in Asia, consumer orientation especially in service industries like hospitality is high. The Four Seasons restaurant caters to the unique needs of their Asian customers by providing highly personal services. They also have Asian cuisine for the purpose of satisfying the palates of these consumers.

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In contrast, western customers are not bothered if the services that are offered to them are impersonal; they are more satisfied when these services are delivered in time, and with efficiency. Culturally, Americans have been socialized to be self reliant; they are self centered people that value individuality. Service delivery at the Four Seasons is able to accommodate the expectations of these customers and others. The needs of these customers and others are attended to on time.

European customers, especially those from East Europe do not expect quality customer care services in any situation but they are normally very appreciative of services when available. This is because ordinarily, they have to be aggressive in order not to be overlooked in the course of trying to procure a service; and visitors to this region also notice the lack of warmth in customer care.

This is a manifestation of the local culture. However, at Four Seasons; the quality of services offered is not compromised for guests of this origin. They are accorded the same quality treatment as the guests of any other origin.

Latin American customers of hospitality products on the other hand expect to get value for their money especially while in high end restaurants such as The Four Seasons. They also value warmth and friendliness from the staff of the hospitality institutions within which they are paying for services. The four services hotel ensures that their needs are met by providing services that are of even a higher quality than what customers expect.

As far as customers of Arabian and Middle East descent are concerned, their expectations of a hospitality institutions are based on their religion; Islam. These customers prefer institutions whereby their religious views and beliefs will not be interfered with. Their religion governs how their women dress and how they interact with members of the opposite sex. At the Four Seasons, the management and staff are sensitive to make these customers comfortable.

This is done by ensuring that the visitors that come to the institutions moderate their behavior while in areas used by most of the guests such as the dining rooms. There are areas whereby the guests that are not as conservative are able to enjoy themselves without causing distress to the conservative guests, for example, at the hotel’s club.

Most Black customers expect very high value for the money that they pay to an institution. They are known to spend their money sparingly even as far as tips are concerned. The Four Seasons manages to satisfy these customers’ expectations by offering more than expected for the money offered. This goes to satisfy the needs of black customers and encourages them to continue using the services of the hotel.


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