Introduction date on the temperature in the room


A business venture called Green IT want to have a more environmentally
friendly workplace and I have been hired by Westside College to look in to ways
that will reduce the impact on the environment. I will produce a report in
which I will show ways that their power consumption can be reduced.

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Heating of buildings

Unless it’s really cold then always turn off the heating if it is not
being used at all because heating the whole building will consume a lot of
energy. The heating of buildings does account for 25% of the UK’s energy
according to

And also ask your heating provider for the best deal or switch to a
different for a better deal. And with the best deal, remember to turn off your
heating if you are not using it. Well the way to be more efficient with your
heating is to make sure all doors are closed and windows also, that way all the
heat should stay in the room and also makes sure no air passes through the

Cooling of server rooms

A server room is very
important to not only business’s data but also to educational buildings as
well. If the cooling is not managed well then that can result in loss of
information, loss of efficiency
and that can be dangerous to any company or building whatsoever, this is
obviously not good.  Firstly, obviously
have the AC on and the vents in the room are clear and not blocked. Make sure
you server room is far from the rest of your building. Put monitoring systems
in place to keep you up to date on the temperature in the room and so you know
if it is too hot or not.

Use of air conditioning

 Try turning the ac down very low
or just turn it off at night when no one is in the building. Also try and close
off vents off in your building. Remember to turn off any fans that you might
have going on as well. When using the ac, close the blinds or the curtains in
the building to be more efficient. Make sure the air conditioner is kept out of
sunlight because it will reduce the effectiveness of the AC. And do forget to
upgrade your AC if it is ineffective or inefficient so you can get the maximum
use out of it.


You could install a light dimmer in your house, by that you can lower
your energy used for the light and not turn it off completely. Another idea to
reduce power consumption is to convert your incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs.
LED bulbs use roughly 90% less electricity than the normal bulbs. Turn of all
the lights when you are not in the room and do not need to use them therefore
increasing your efficiency. Use the lighting appropriately, so that you use the
needed amount to save energy.

The possibility of harnessing
non-fossil fuel energy

Very cheap and usable source of energy, mainly used for energy based
systems or mechanisms. The efficiency is better with non-fossil fuel energy,
because the fuel has to paid for and with that giving more reliability instead
of say windmills or solar panels.


The pros of carpooling include: it’s cheaper than
riding by yourself, more comfortable in a car then on public transport; you can
also communicate with friends if they are in the same car.

The cons of carpooling:  everyone might not be ready at the same time
in which case they might get left behind, the time of travel can be very
unpredictable; you may not get to your location on time perfectly. Could also
be awkward sitting next to people you do not know.

Carpooling helps reduce the amount of cars on the
roads which mean less traffic and with that, there will be less harmful gasses
that could cause global warming.

Public transport

It can be money saving if you have a long journey and is easily cheaper
than using your own car, there will be no need to find a parking spot in a
crowded car park with public transport and you can also finish off some work or
prepare for the day ahead.

Public transport usually has a lot of delays and
could get you late on some occasions; keeping track of different public
transport could be tricky with so many different routes and paths.

transport reduces energy consumption and the release of CO2 that is harmful to the
environment, when you travel by public transport; it uses far less energy and
has less pollution to the environment. 


People are able to focus on their work with less distractions, money is
saved on petrol and transport. The workers are likely to have less “sick days”
if they do then they are still at home and can still do work.

The employing companies don’t really know how workers are using their
time, the costs are high to fund telecommuters, repairing computers and or
replacing those costs will be well over £1,000.

Telecommuting does help the environment massively because when there are
a couple of people of a company working from home, they are still saving
thousands of gases and emissions from harming the environment.     


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