Introduction the day-to-day tasks and solutions (Shavelson et


The era of responsibility is more dominant in the delivery of services relating to psychology. It is quite obvious that most of the companies are moving towards demonstrating competency, to have competency in place the process has to be proper. It is a well known fact that the construct competency is not simple, stakeholders (stakeholders consist of media, government and public) are more curious to know how the assessment is carried out in the organizations.  There is a lot of demand from the stakeholders to prepare the general public to the next level. They want the general public to have the right skills and to measure performance on them.  These skills include analytic reasoning, communication, and critical thinking. It is more important that the general public should also know how to apply their skills in order to perform better. In other words, there is lot of demand for not only knowing the skills but also they should be able to implement those skills in education, social engagement, and at work.

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In this research paper I present one possible model of what the measurement of competencies in the Indian private companies might look like and how such a measurement is developed and evaluated. The assessment triangle as proposed by Hartig et al (2008) has been used. The components of the triangle are construct, observation, and interpretation. Construct in this paper refers to the competency. Competency is defined as the complex capability which is associated to performance in real-life situations (Hartig et al., 2008). Competency is an idea which was created by Western societies. It is theoretical and can be inferred only from the behavior of the individual (Hartig et al., 2008). Primarily competence and performance are a set of abilities which are complex in nature. Basically competence and performance are created together when an individual makes an attempt to complete his task. The duration of the task performance is one of the important considerations for the complex ability to change since the individual would have already met his sub-goals and he is working towards new goals. These complexes are inevitably entangled. The role of the psychologists is to untangle them, evaluate them separately, and add them so as to propose a common measure of the whole. In case of competency assessment the focus is more on the day-to-day tasks and solutions (Shavelson et al., 2002). From the competence the task is identified. The individuals behavior can be identified when he is performing the task.


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