It is said that a man’s courage is

    It is said that a man’s courage is found in his capacity to keep his beliefs regardless of what life throws at him. In doing so it shows that he is mentally strong. In the novel The Wars written by Timothy Findley, Robert Ross characterizes his courage by keeping confidence with his beliefs through the betrayal, depression and disaster he endures over the span of the novel.     Multiple times through Robert’s life, each one of those whom he thought were near him, while he attempted to adhere to his goals, betrayed him. Losing Rowena, Robert felt fizzled at his obligation and he want to make up for it by joining the armed force. Expecting adoration and support from his folks, his mom disagrees. “I know what you want to do. I know you want to go away and be a soldier. Well you can go to hell. I’m just another stranger (Findley, 28).” Adding to that, Cpt. Taffler deceived Robert as well, despite the fact that he didn’t notice it. Robert set him up as a good example to copy, however once he discovered that he was a gay, Robert’s goals of individuals he gazes upward to in war were pounded. “He picked up a boot and held it in his hand. Its weight alarmed him and the texture of its leather skin appalled him with its human feel. He through the boot across the room and shattered the mirror (Findley, 45).” Robert was also deceived by his own affection for others. By keeping confidence with his goals, he exited himself to the passionate scarring that was caused by the loss of all his great companions.          Through depression, Robert makes sure he keeps up with his standards, which demonstrates exactly how solid his purpose is. In depression, Robert took his psyche off his issues by busying himself. After losing Rowena, he joins the armed force to supplant dealing with Rowena, by dealing with other people. When Harris dies, Robert busies himself by playing out the last rituals over his great companion.  “This is not a military funeral. This is just a burial at sea. May we all remove our caps? (Findley, 107)” And when Robert is assaulted in the shower house, he sees himself attempting to secure Rowena. He then burns her pictures to rid her from the world. Robert doesnt do this act out of anger but rather kindness. This shows that even through hopelessness, Robert still manages to grip his goals.


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