It life, I had a strong inclination and

is obvious that no human being is born with a clear path in his/her mind, and
it is the various incidents and experiences in a person’s life that help him or
her determine what to strive towards. My journey so far in the field of Computer
Science has been extremely rewarding, and I would like to explain the rationale
for applying to graduate school briefly in the following paragraphs.

from the early stages of my student life, I had a strong inclination and
passion towards Mathematics which made me develops great zeal for problem
solving. Consequently, I chose to pursue my undergraduate studies in the field
of computer science. During my undergraduate study, I realised that computer
science is just another perspective of tackling various problems. Whenever I
work with a computer, I always try to visualize the working of particular
software or an application that I am working with, by trying to figure out the
code behind these applications. These visualizations enhance my interest
towards computer science and give me a great sense of pride that I am a
computer science student.

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“More and more will be in
computer form and much will never be printed on paper”


line emphasizes the extent to which people depend on a computer. Such lines
make me feel that I need to contribute in some way to enhance the abilities of
a computer and also make me realize the fact that thorough knowledge about even
minute aspects of computers is required. I am really thankful to my
undergraduate study for broadening up my views on computer science. Pursuing
Master’s in computer science when coupled with my fundamental knowledge
attained in my undergraduate study gives me a better opportunity to contribute.

the course of my B .Tech, I realized that Computer Science is a never ending
ocean and one needs to learn continuously from time to time in order to sustain
the challenging competition in this field. I have developed an inclination
towards subjects like Data Structures, Data bases, Data mining, Machine
Learning, Compiler Design and theory of Computation. Throughout my
undergraduate study, I was consistently among the top 5% in academics, among
the students of the Computer Science department by maintaining a CG PA of
8.97(out of 10.0). I have a strong affinity towards programming and am well
versed with programming languages like Java, C and C++. Apart from these
programming languages, I also have learnt android programming through Android
Studio. I have developed many apps in the android studio such as calculator,
age calculator and Student fee Portal. In addition to this, I can also program
the web pages using languages such as HTML, java script, CSS, etc. I also took
part in a coding competition named code vita which was conducted by TCS and was
among top 5% of one lakh participants.


with my curricular activities, I also have great interest towards co-curricular
activities and extra-curricular activities. I was an active participant of most
of the fests which were conducted by the university. During my undergraduate
study, I attended various technical workshops such as android workshop and also
attended many seminars which were conducted by prominent people in the
university. I was also a semi-finalist in the Mad about marketing contest conducted
by UBER. Computer Science is a gift to all those who have an untiring zeal for
research. It provides all the knowledge-freaks, a wide scope for new
innovations and inventions. And so I believe that I have made no mistake in
opting computer science as a field of graduate science. Strong determination,
good knowledge, ability to improve myself continuously and strong desire to
learn more are all my strengths, which I feel are important for a person to
succeed in graduate studies.

found the graduate program for computer science at your university really
interesting because of the curriculum which provides the integration of
computer science with various other disciplines. In addition to that the
research works of J. M. Quick and R.K. Atkinson on Modelling Game play
Enjoyment, Goal Orientations, and Individual Characteristics further reinforced
my decision. Also it would be highly beneficial for me to receive financial
assistance of some form, as affording graduate education in the United States
would be a great difficulty especially for a student from a recently developing
countries like India. Also a Graduate Research or Teaching Assistantship would
help me gain valuable research or teaching skills. In addition to this, as a
person with an amiable and outgoing nature, I hope that United States would
definitely be a welcoming place to enhance my technical knowledge, and
managerial and interpersonal skills. With my academic background and mind set I
hope that I would meet the expectations of Arizona State University, Tempe for
a graduate student at your esteemed department.


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