It’s the Mexico and the USA border aimed

It’s have been made many walls around the world up in the time, it could
be many reasons why a country or a region make a wall across the country or
between different countries. In my opinion I think they do it maybe because the
other country have a better leadership so they don’t want their civilians to go
to the other country, if many do that they miss very much workers and important

Here is some of the walls that is made, who was made but got destroyed
and are in the plans to be made.

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The china wall its the longest structure humans have ever built
its stretches from Dandong in the east to Lop lake in the west. It
is about 21,196 kilometers. There are made 7,000 watch towers all over the wall
to watch for enemies and civilians trying to illegal make their over to China

The berlin wall they split
Berlin In west and east and the sovjet made a wall in the middle of Berlin
because the west side was democratic and the another was republic so the
civilians in the west side had it much better so many was trying to cross the
site to get a better life, so the sovjet made a wall so they don’t could go
over anymore, but many was still trying to get over. They made tunnels, tried
to drive cars into the wall to break it, but many was failing but many make it
too. The sovjet got very angry because they lost much workers and people. It
got breaked down in 9. November 1989

The Mexico barrier is a series of walls and fences along
the Mexico and the USA border aimed at preventing illegal crossing from Mexico into the United States. The
wall is 3,201 km and it is the American boarding patrol who have control
and secure it. The new president in America want to make a much better wall,
more secured and a longer one, he don´t want any immigrant. He was setting much
money to spend on it, and very many got angry at him, but I understand him that
he don’t want a country full of immigrants.

my opinion


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