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Lady Katsa is the niece of king Randa of the Middlings. Every since king Randa discovered that Katsa was graced with killing, Kasta was forced to work as the kings thug. When the Lienid grandfather goes missing Kasta is asked to find him.  After Katsa locates the Lienid grandfather, she sneaks into the dungeons in which he is being held and drugs all of the guards. She then starts to escape with him, but as she is leaving she runs into a graced fighter. Katsa bests him in a fight and then leaves.  Once she returns to king Randas castle she meets the graced fighter again and finds out that he is prince Po of Lienid. They fight once more but this time it is friendly. After Katsa deems Po trustworthy she takes him to see his grandfather.  Katsa and Po then become friends and sparring partners. Po then helps Katsa gather the courage to defy the king and leave forever. Kasta then finds out that Po’s grace is not fighting, but is actually mind reading. Katsa feels betrayed, but she still goes with him to find out who actually kindnapped Po’s grandfather.  After discussing the kidnapping with some traders, Po discovers that the one- eyed king Leck has committed crimes even though everybody thinks he didn’t. This leads to the discovery that Leck is graced with the power to make everybody believe what he says.  Katsa and Po then go to rescue Po’s aunt and her daughter from the clutches of Leck. When they get to Leck’s castle they see Leck shoot Po’s aunt  but then act like it was an accident. Kasta is bewitched by his words but Po isn’t. Katsa and Po then run from Leck into a forest where they find Bitterblue, Po’s niece hiding from Leck. They then form a plan to kill Leck. Po leaves to execute the mission, and then returns all beat up and scratched. Katsa, Bitterblue, and Po then run away. The trio then has to leave Po at an abandoned cottage and continue on their way. Katsa and Bitterblue almost die when they pass through the mountains. Katsa and Bitterblue then head to Po’s castle in Lienid. When they get there they find Leck instead of Po. Katsa then kills Leck and the story ends.  


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