Leadership traits

Leadership is a role which many associate with one person being the leader. It involves an individual taking up the responsibility of being the head of certain activities in various areas. For example, in an organization, a leader is perceived as one who is in charge of setting directions and ensuring the directions are followed in an effort of influencing majority of the people in accomplishing some common objective.

A leaders traits are the distinctive quality a person posses that constitute effective leadership.

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The description given to a personality trait according to a research conducted by Stogil (1948) and Mann (1959) states that an individual personal characteristic can be used to distinguish a leader from any particular context and the people considered as his/her followers as there are evidences that one is able to point out in leaders.

Many organizations have a problem when it comes to implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and leaders should ensure that the implementation of CSR is among their set objective to sort the problem.

One way to ensure its implementation is successful is being able to understand the major responsibilities that affect both the organization and the surrounding society. The advantage of this trait is as a leader, one will be able to engage all the employees in the organization in order to be aware and understand what impact corporate social responsibility has on the business and the community.

An ethical leader is also regarded as an effective leader. The benefits of having ethics is that, the corporate priorities in the work concept are realized and they extend to just aiming at the traditional business goals of acquiring profits and improving the leaders business positions as they all aim at going up the business ladder in terms of going up the corporate ladder.

A leadership role entails having to make ethical decisions especially during a compromising situation. An ethical leader when faced with big ethical decisions to make, considers wisdom and objectivity as characteristic that would be used as the mechanism to use for the right decision making.

An advantage of possessing leadership ethics is that there is an increase in market in terms of service and product demand offered by organizations that uphold ethical practices thereby creating room for competition among the organization in the ‘field’. Staff members who work for high integrity, socially responsible and ethical employers are seen as more productive hence reciprocating to a successful organization.

A person in the leadership position should have a vision for the future. With this trait, a leader can use their vision to their advantage since people need to know that their leader has a strong vision for the future because these leaders are seen as people who have clear vision of how things can be done better.

It is important for organizations to have visionary objectives since an organizational vision or goal would be an influential way to strengthen the leadership of its directors.

Leaders should focus on the important matters that could affect that the organizations future goals through the help of the employees who are the key factors in realizing the accomplishment of the organizational vision.

The major task an effective leader with a vision has is to have the ability to find new ideas that an organization can implement in order to accomplish the organizational goal.

Fortunately today, leadership traits are keenly becoming a factor to consider when choosing effective leaders, for this reason, students who are aspiring to be leaders should understand that as an individual one has to develop the leadership qualities within ourselves and others.

A point to note is that the attributes or traits that seem important in the development of an effective leader should not be termed as the only guarantee to a being a successful leader instead, more factors will constitute to one possessing effective leadership skills.

The society at large should be committed and participate in electing leaders who have good leadership qualities at every level as these are the leaders who can invigorate, motivate and inspire the people rather than a person who is debilitated, dejected and controlling by being obsessed over very detail and instead look for great and trustworthy people who would contribute to the execution of your vision.

Advantage of a degree in business

Today, students studying business from an accredited school can be regarded to have done an advantageous course because these students are sure to get a balanced and broad based education that focuses on various business- related courses that are very helpful in the business field.

With a business degree in terms of career choice, one is guaranteed to find working positions in various settings that includes government sector, the non profitable organizations and the business sector among many other sectors.

Once an individual has completed a course in business, especially those who have majored in accounting, as an advantage, these people enjoy the best job positions and conditions in terms of high compensations and fast career appointment.

Accounting is described as a system that is used in the economic sector where information is identified, recorded, summarized and then reported for the use of decision. Another advantage of having a degree in business is that an individual does not limit oneself to one specific field of business study. When it comes to personal advancement and opportunities the road of life can present itself with many opportunities.

Once you get a job in business related field, the future of your career would not solely remain stagnant since a business degree can make you get on a wide variety of roles given that today almost every organizations goal is to excel in their business aspect in addition, there are complex corporations that are in demand of a wide range of specialists to help in their operations management.


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