Learning a Second Language

Language is one of the most important tools in our interaction with others. Without language, it is highly unlikely that the human civilization would have developed as it has over the millenniums. For most people, being able to communicate in one language is sufficient. This is especially so if the language is English, French or Germany, all of which are internationally recognized languages.

While it is true that one can be able to comfortably go through life with the knowledge of one language, the person greatly limits his/her potential. This is because there are many advantages to be gained from being proficient in more than one language. This paper shall argue that every person should learn at least one second language so as to reap the benefits that such an undertaking brings to the individual.

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We live in a world that is slowly being turned into a global village as a result of advances in transport and communication. Through the process known as globalization, major integration of economies and cultures is becoming rife. In such a world, people are constantly being forced to interact with others who come from different cultural backgrounds.

While in some cases these people from different cultures share a language, there are many instances where there is a language difference. If one has learnt at least one additional language, there is a higher possibility that communication between the people from varying cultures will be possible. As such, acquisition of an additional language will assist in bringing about harmony in a multicultural society.

Scientific studies have proved that learning of a second language may result in the enhancement of the intellectual capabilities of an individual. As a result of learning a second language, a person’s performance in arithmetic as well as his reading skills is greatly increased. This improvement is attributed to the fact that learning a new language results in divergent thinking in the person.

The divergent thinking develops since learning a new language involves not only obtaining a new vocabulary but also learning a different manner of constructing thoughts. Considering the fact that a higher intellectual capability is desirable since it increases the chances of a person succeeding in life, everyone should learn an additional language.

Being proficient in more than one language can give a person an advantage when they are applying for a job. This is because an additional language increases the versatility of an individual therefore making him a greater asset to an organization. Some organizations specifically deal with clients who do not converse in English.

It will therefore be a huge benefit for the organization if it can have a person who can converse in the native language of the clients. Having the knowledge of an additional language can therefore result in the career development of the individual.

This paper set out to argue that everyone should learn an addition language. To reinforce this assertion, this paper has discussed the various merits that acquisition of an additional language can have to not only the individual but the society at large. This paper has demonstrates that learning an additional language can result in the creation of a more harmonious global society.

In addition to this, this paper has shown that learning a different language develops one’s mental ability making them better thinkers and also increasing the individual’s chances to develop their career. For this reasons, everyone should learn at least one second language.


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