Life Today Is Better Than Fifty Years Ago


Although most individuals may argue that the world is at the verge of destruction, because of the increased civil wars, environmental problems such as global warming, and the ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor, the quality of life in the contemporary society is far much better than it was fifty years ago.

It is very hard to imagine how life was fifty years ago when most products of technology were not present. As compared to historical communities, present societies are more developed, democratic, diverse, and all-inclusive. In addition, people’s health has improved; individuals can interact freely; the transportation system is better, and communication is easy and fast.

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Therefore, although every innovation and development cannot lack some form of negative effects, the world is a better place than it was fifty years ago; hence, the need for every individual to appreciate and always struggle to make the world a better place for both present and future generations.

Why Life Is Better Nowadays

One primary fact that every individual should attest to is that, as compared to fifty ago, nowadays the quality of healthcare is better and more responsive to the ever-changing health condition of the world.

Unlike in the past when diseases such as small pox, measles, pneumonia, and even HIV and AIDS were a threat to the human existence, presently, majority f these diseases can be cured, and for those that cannot be cured there are numerous control measures or vaccines to control their spreading.

This like scenario has been made possible by the increasing research endeavours in the medicine world aimed at making the world a healthy place. As a result of the improved health condition, nowadays individuals can afford to live long and productive life spans with little fears of the likelihoods of a disease arising that will lack a cure.

Although some individuals may argue that some diseases are incurable; hence, to some extent the world is stagnant somewhere in terms of health, it will be so illogical to compare the health status of the world fifty years with the present situation, where even life supporting machines exist.

In addition to an improved quality of health, because of the numerous products of technology such as the computer, numerous aspects of life have improved greatly.

With the internet nowadays individuals can send or receive information from any part of the world within short time spans. Moreover, with numerous products of technology such as the television, presently individuals are always updated with any occurrences and information from any part of the world.

This cannot be compared to fifty years ago when the few radio and cable television sets that were available could only transmit their news within short distances. On the other hand, in the present world there exist numerous modern conveniences that have made life easy.

For example, with the presence of microwaves, fridges, gas burners, washing machines, printers, fax machines, video decoders, and many other office and home electronic gadgets, individuals can perform all the office and home chores easily, faster, and more efficiently.

Another aspect of life that is far much better than it was some fifty years ago is the quality of education. With the internet and other forms of “sophisticated” modes of learning for example, distance education, e-learning, and virtual classrooms, nowadays individuals are able to learn from any geographical positions.

In addition, nowadays societies appreciate the importance of education to the wellbeing of the society, because of the numerous research endeavours aimed at improving the quality of life that are included in most present scientific studies.

As compared to some fifty years ago, the literacy level in most present societies is very high, as most present governments offer free basic education to its citizenry. As a result of this, the level of self-conscious and self-esteem is better in present societies, because more individuals are able to provide for their families using the practical concepts learnt in both formal and informal educational settings.

On the other hand, life in present societies is better, because of the increased respect of every individual’s fundamental civil rights. Most present day governments are democratic and respect the right of its citizenry, something that was rare in most past societies, because of the nature of power that was enjoyed by the ruling class.

Closely related with increased respect of civil rights, is the ever reducing racism and segregation on racial, social class or background basis. Nowadays societies have learnt to appreciate and live in harmony with one another; hence, the nature of peace that is enjoyed by the world and the freedom of movement from a society or country to another.


In conclusion, considering the present condition of the world economically, technologically, socially, and politically, the world of today is a better place to live in as compared to fifty years ago.

This is because modern conveniences and technological innovations have revolutionized how human do everything is done, without which life could be very hard to live. Although people were comfortable with their lifestyles fifty years ago, possibly it is because they had no knowhow any of the modern developments could have made their work better.


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