Lithuania converting to Christianity only in 1387. It

Lithuania was the last pagan state in Europe, converting to Christianity only in 1387. It was the most popular target for crusades in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, although this is often unclear from western European sources that tell of crusaders going to Prussia (Fr., ME Pruce) where they would gather under the banner of the Teutonic Order for raids into Lithuania. Iberian Peninsula:The Reconquista, considered by some to be a crusade, were wars done by Christian kingdoms of Iberia against the Muslim Moors. The Pope encouraged these wars and told Iberian knights to fight in their homeland, not embark to the Middle East. Kingdoms such as Portugal, Castile, and Aragon expanded their territories through these wars. Justification: Liberation of Christians of the Iberian Peninsula.Southwestern France:The Albigensian Crusade was fought in Southwestern France, the target being followers of the Cathar heresy which was quite popular there. The Kingdom of France was the main opponent of the Cathars. The Cathars were defended by the local County of Toulouse and the Crown of Aragon, which tried to influence the region. Justification: Suppression of a rebellion and heresyHungary:The Hussite Wars were a series of crusades fought by mainly the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Bohemia, and the Kingdom of Hungary who tried to suppress the rebelling Hussites in Bohemia, who were followers of the recently killed reformer Jan Hus. The Hussites persisted well, defeating five crusades against them. The fighting ended when the radical Hussites were suppressed and the remaining agreed to submit to the authority of the church. The Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, often enemies of the Holy Roman Empire, supported the Hussites. Justification: Suppression of a rebellion and heresy Prussia:Crusades undertaken in Northern Europe against pagan tribes were conducted by the Teutonic Order, which carved their own state in Prussia. Justification: War of conversion and conquest


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