Loyola and Calvin’s beliefs

Calvin believed that salvation of man is predetermined by God only. A human being does not receive salvation based on deeds or piousness. Calvin urged that even before God created the earth he had already elected people who would receive salvation. The people not elected can do nothing to escape the damnation (Robinson 1). On the contrary, Loyola believed that salvation required confession and atonement for sin. Salvation depends on one’s deeds. It can be achieved by practising the spiritual exercises for deliverance from sins.

Some were drawn to Calvin’s teaching because they felt it was comforting, as they did not have to do anything to earn salvation but hope that God had elected them. Thus, no need to work towards salvation as that is God’s choice (Clendenen and Waggoner 185). On the other hand, people were drawn to Loyola’s teachings because they did not feel hopeless about not having control of their future as they could choose salvation and go to heaven or decline and be damned (Matlak, Randall, McMullin and Royce 1).

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The beliefs by Loyola seem fair in that one had a free will to choose either to accept salvation or not. It shows that God is fair to all and gives them an equal chance to receive salvation. However, Calvin’s teaching leave me more confused because I cannot understand how God can create some people, elect them for damnation, and give them no chance to escape and give salvation to others for deliverance despite their deeds.

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