Men as leaders

The wide topic of men as leaders is an important aspect that has degenerated and attracted a lot of attention as time goes by. This is because of various societal aspects that have been changing thereby giving the whole topic a new approach.

It should be known that a man as a leader is an important issue that has been in existence for a long period of time since creation (Torbert 2004, p. 12). As a matter of fact, there have been arguments men are not the best leaders when compared to women and this is based on the prevailing situations and circumstances on the ground.

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In this case, we can therefore ask ourselves a question if indeed men are the best leaders in our society. This depends on the approach that we will give this issue because we have our own experiences as far as leadership is concerned. Leadership is a very important issue and aspect that needs to be critically evaluated because of the role that it plays in our lives.

Men have been natural leaders for a long period of time and this is undisputable. This is as far as various sectors of the society are concerned. For instance, men have been our leaders in business, economics, political and social disciplines. The general society has been trying to equalize the roles of men and women in the society which is not good (Yukl 2006, p. 17).

Different people have argued that the idea of men as leaders’ in the society is a natural state of being. This is as far as their dominance in leadership is concerned. Men are leaders and this is not something that should startle or disappoint us because it is a normal statement of fact. This issue can even be traced from the biblical point of view where man was put in charge from the beginning.

The society has been changing drastically and this is as far as women leadership and empowerment is concerned. This has mostly been seen in the business world where men have been displaced from the top as leaders by women. In this case, leadership should not be seen as a preserve for men because such areas require performers who deliver the set targets and goals of a given organization.

There are occasions where men have delivered as good leaders and this can be traced and justified from various sectors of the economy (Baron 2006, p. 23).

Men have always been inclined to a successive focus and this is what has qualified them as leaders. In this case, they have an obsession for success and this can be explained from a biological point of view. Since time immemorial, men have been dependant on earning money and this is what has qualified them to be leaders when compared with women.

We can all agree that the current world requires a lot of assertiveness and risk taking that is common in men and that is why they will always stand out as leaders. As far as management is concerned, it is quite practical that women have brought in a new style of leadership but men have an aggressive approach to leadership that is needed in the current competitive world (Harper 2010, p. 26).

There are occasions where men have been disappointing as leaders but this is expected in a normal society. All in all, the idea of men as leaders has been passed to us by different generations as time goes by and time will only tell. Good men will continue being good leaders and this will depend on the support that the society gives them. The society will continue changing as time goes by and this are some of the issues that will define leadership.

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