My an enjoyable experience that is very beneficial

My eagerness to pursue a business degree originated from the
miniature findings in my life that I have gradually noticed; my unconscious
questioning of everything I see. I do it to try to comprehend why things are
the way that they are.  This varies from looking
at how houses are laid out, to observing complex building designs and thinking
about how they work and why they were made that way, or seeing a simplistic toy
and trying to visual the producer’s insight on why they chose it to be this way.

My inspiration is my father, a company director. I am very
fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him and be a part of his
business. This is an enjoyable experience that is very beneficial to me as an
endless learning experience. A quality such a having highly developed verbal
and written communication skills through taking many phone calls has boosted my
confidence. It is inspirational to work in an environment keen to keep me
motivated and active. Business is linked to many things that I believe I have
the qualities for. My dad being my inspiration in business and further
emphasising on my excitement to study this subject. Working with him in his
business has taught me a lot, and has given me the confidence and passion to
pursue a degree in business. I am bilingual as of my background being Kosovan,
I am fluent in Albanian. Furthermore, I am in midst of learning sign language and
German as I believe in business, we should eliminate language barriers as there
is a need to be able to communicate to a variety of people.

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Studying Business Management as a degree is a goal I believe
I can achieve. Presently, I am studying Geography, English Literature and
Health and Social Care at Havering Sixth Form College. I have also attained an
A Level in Classical Civilisation.

Business applies to my geographical knowledge as it consists
of the social, economic, and environmental surrounding management. In geography
I also look at ethical and sustainability issues and how they affect the future.
Geography and Business are well suited to the complex correlation between
people and places. As a student I often work under pressure, completing tasks
to my maximum potential. Reflective learning and observation are part of my
qualities because I constantly want to maximize my learning.

For part-time work, I am a sales assistant at an independent,
family-owned business called Card Direct. Their company have made impressive
profits considering they have just opened up a new branch in October. Whilst
working here, I learn the value of working hard in a fast paced environment
with very good organisation skills. I actively engage with customers and help
them to the best of my ability as I believe customers should enjoy their
experience. Within secondary school, I was a form representative which made me
much more confident in my leadership skills which made me very self-assured in
my decisions.

Ultimately, I want to create and maintain a
successful business. In attending university, to continue my studies, I know
this course will leave me confident and ready for my business career. This is
my goal, and business is the best suited course for me. Business is diverse and
captivating. This degree is a universal degree which can be applied to many
professions. I enjoy working in a team; communicating, helping, and
accomplishing targets together and believe I am very adaptable


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