My to acquaint myself with the technical knowledge

undergraduate studies in the department of mechanical engineering have exposed
me to a stimulating academic environment where learning and research go hand in
hand.  I Bikramdit Singh a budding
mechanical engineering student would like to take up this opportunity to
present my credentials as I apply for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from
your reputed university. I believe that being a part of your university would
be a perfect platform that would assist me to enhance my technical and
analytical skills acquired thus far.

In a
booming competitive environment it is fair to say that degree level engineers
have an edge in the job market. Hence I thought engineering would be an area
which would give me opportunity to build a stable successful career prospect.
Since childhood automobiles have always interested me and to acquaint myself
with the technical knowledge related to it, I took part in a national level
competition “SUPRA SAE INDIA” which presents Engineering Students with a
challenging task of designing, simulating and modelling a formula type race
car. In this each team is intended to design and fabricate a prototype based on
the strict guidelines provided to them and car should perform in a dynamic
event in a live race track. Our team managed to secure 19th rank
amongst 119 teams. Mechanical Engineering is a field where we can learn and
explore how the fundamentals of sciences are applied to create technology for
practical and real purposes, it truly excites me and I want to build a thriving
career in this domain.

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I did my six months industrial training
at one of the most eminent piston manufacturing industries, FEDERAL MOGUL
CHARTS (X BAR AND R CHARTS). The project was all about eliminating defects
arisen while checking axial width of rings. It has given me great exposure to
the world of manufacturing processes done on different machines such as BESLY
Machine, DCT machine, Gap cutting machine and D-slotting machine. I also learnt
how to check the axial width of piston rings manufactured in ring machine shop.
I am contended to say that I honestly enjoy learning new things in the same
field every day.

I consider myself
to be very communicative and competitive person and my communicative skill was
acknowledged when my presentation on topic “NIGHT VISION TECHNOLOGY IN
AUTOMOBILES” was appreciated highly. In the presentation the basic concern was
to cover the safety of people outside and inside the vehicle in the car
manufacturing industry. I feel that extracurricular activities are as important
as studies in estimating a person’s overall capacity. I was actively involved
in  managing all the events held in my
campus from giving away fresher’s party to the new comers to working as a
senior executive member of the managing team of techno cultural fest
continuously for two consecutive years. Being involved in these activities was
a great exposure to the outside world. It really helped me in honing my social
skills and evolved me into a dynamic person. I have a keen interest in sports.
I was the part of my department’s Basketball team and we won the first prize in
Intra College Sports Meet, FACE OFF-2013. Apart from that my two month training
during my fifth semester at Autodesk Hi Tec point technologies Pvt. Ltd.
offered me sound knowledge about designing in CATIA V5R020.I learnt to make 3D
interactive application under this training, the training made me aware of a
fact that using Catia we cannot only design a car but the factory that produces
and manufactures it i.e. it is capable of addressing the entire product
development process.

I believe in
today’s era it is necessary to equip oneself tirelessly with all the skills to
get a lucrative job and to keep it. Masters’ degree incorporates one with
skills such as critical and creative thinking, prospect management, IT,
communication, data analysis, independent thinking as well as problem solving.
It is precisely the heady cocktail of attribute that I seek from my master’s
program and so my keen interest in being a humble part of the fraternity of
your university.

I believe that we
are part of an era where change is the only contrast thing and in order to meet
the global and technical changes, pursuing master’s in mechanical engineering seems
like a perfect choice. Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from your university
specifically interest me as the breadth and depth of the course coupled with a
stimulating research environment which is conducive to learning is the perfect
mix for seminal work and pioneering research. Excellent infrastructural
facilities, a distinguished faculty dedicated to teaching and research are
other factors that make your university the most suitable for my academic
goals. The practical orientation of your in depth coursework will allow me to
not acquire a lucid understanding of the subject but also the skills to execute
it. Being part of your university will help me augment my knowledge that I have
acquired so far and will also provide me with the right acumen and experience
required for achievement of my future goals.

The ever increasing
part played by computers in every discipline of Engineering and their
synergetic role in manufacturing procedures called ‘Computer Integrated
Manufacturing’ or CIM has encouraged me to learn various design application
software packages like AutoCad and Solid works. AutoCad is a commercial
application for 2D and 3D computer aided design and drafting. It helped me to
understand the various techniques used for the designing of different
mechanical parts. The whole course of designing unravelled many things that I
didn’t know about designing.

Your university,
one of the premier institution, provide its students a complete personality
enhancing experience. This setting will provide me with beautiful, culturally
rich environment with a chance to interact and exchange ideas and knowledge
with people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. I want to gain
experience in my domain and apply the knowledge obtained in order to achieve excellence
and also contribute to my future peers in the masters program. It would be my
endeavour to be an asset to the university and enhance the experience of those
around me, Kindly accept this document as my humble request to be a part of
your university.







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