Name: of the audio. Voice recording can also

Gladys Nzita-Mak

Propose an IT improvement for a retail store

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retail store:

IT improvement
The IPad is an essential piece of hardware that can be used in retail stores as
it allows users to work on the go. It improves customer service and is a great
portable device staff can benefit in using. The IPad can improve the store as
it has great and useful apps that the retail store can use, as well as being a
high-resolution device that delivers everything is good quality. As it is a
portable device it can be carried all around the premises and be used anywhere,
and although may cost roughly around £500, it can be efficient in all ways, for
example quickly accessing databases within the retail store, checking
availability of the products sold in the store.

of IT improvement on:

As it is such a great piece of hardware, the costs for IPads are usually
either under £500 or even over.

Inputs and Outputs:
When it comes to input and outputs and audio port is available for
headphones/earphones to be plugged into, as well as having a speaker for audios
to be played through. There is a volume switch for users to adjust the level of
the audio. Voice recording can also be done with an IPad as there is a
microphone available. Staff in this retail store can use the IPad to search up
all products such as, games consoles, games and mobile phones that the shop
sells, and can be able to inform customers on what type of products they sell
or what they have in stock, or simply just let them know what is on sell so
that they can buy those products. They can also input data for when an item is
out of stock, or to reserve a specific item for a customer. This then results
in the customer selecting something else to buy, or if the item is reserved for
them they can go over to pay for it.

Effect on staff:
GAME, using an IPad could affect a staff member as it is portable, the IPad
isn’t heavy so they can use the device and carry it anywhere and could use it
as an advantage to carry out simple tasks such as updating databases using
applications such as Microsoft excel to carry it out. It can also have an
effect on staff as they can rely on the IPad more than being seated at a desk
being able to access the stores website checking for discounts and updating
information on the website whilst on the job wherever they are.They could also
use the IPad to give feedback to customers 
if a customer were to approach them asking the staff member any
questions, saving the customer some time as their query has been answered right
on the spot. This increases productivity and is also efficient for both the
customer and the staff member.


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