Nestled the child of an Ipswich butcher, who

Nestled in the estuary of the River Orwell is the quiet and modest town of Ipswich,  England’s oldest inhabited town.  Known for its many ancient and attractive buildings, Ipswich is having a major transformation at the moment, with the waterfront and the town itself bringing modern homes and restaurants, the town still holds on to its roots. The Cardinal Wosley is a tremendous piece of historic pride. It was Thomas Wolsey, the child of an Ipswich butcher, who was conceived in this town in 1471, and went ahead and to become Cardinal and Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII. Still in the town today lies the creation referred as Wolsey’s Gateway.Barely an hour travel from the centre of London, Ipswich is seen by city-inhabitants as an extremely “adequate” and obliging bolthole. Alongside waterfront flats, the luxury serviced apartments and great restaurant offering cutting edge cuisine, and stylish living changed over the years. Few more cafes, amusement and business openings have become known and a couple of chain bistros now visible in the place among independednt boutiques, salons and renowed jewellers.The town’s port is as yet a noteworthy of its vast area and significance in British industry – and when joined with Harwich and Felixstowe, is second in Europe just to Rotterdam by scale.Ipswich has a flourishing culture scene, being home to autonomous film and theatre organizations like The New Wolsey Theatre, the Red Rose Chain, Dance East and The Ipswich Regent & The Corn Exchange offering plays, musicals, workshops and courses and also national and worldwide performances based in Ipswich Marina.   Other fantastic places to visit in Ipswich are:- The Town Hall that was built in 1868.- Christchurch Mansion – the site of the Augustinian Priory of the Holy Trinity established in the twelfth century. – The Round Pond and Wilderness Pond are nourised by natural springs and supplied the monks with carp, tench, roach and gudgeon.- The Grandma statue that commemorates the famous cartoonist Carl Giles.