On music. There are still a few rappers

On the beginning of the 21st century the art of
lyricism diversified. New forms of rap music started to emerge including soft
rap, stutter rap and other variations. As the development of technology
advanced music also became more electronic. The youth were looking for that
more electronic version of music with the incorporation of olden ways. This was
one of the main reasons for the emergence of new variations in the music styles
and even hip hop. But not all new styles of hip hop took a turn for a worst.
The artists that still stuck to the traditional culture were now termed as
underground and the new school rappers that made music for the general masses
were mainstream. This was one of the major difference between underground and
mainstream artists. The focus of the mainstream artists was mainly money, so
they often portrayed through their music the general pleasures of life while
the underground artists just spoke their mind through their music. There are
still a few rappers out there today that still maintain the integrity and
cultural hypocrisy of true hip hop. R.A the rugged man, Big Rek, Army of the
pharaohs, Wu tang clan are few of the rappers and groups out there that still
stick to traditional old school hip-hop while some like Jay Z and Kendrick
lemmar have taken a different direction with their music which is not
necessarily a bad thing as music has diversified greatly over the last ten years.
With development in technology Producers haven been able to create a whole new
era of electronic music which was non-existent in the past.

Since the current generation grew up listening to the so called
new generation of mainstream hiphop, they often look for similar styles in the
music which has led to a saturation point in evolution of music. One possible
solution to this problem is to spread awareness among the general masses
listening to this style of music. If people grasp a better understanding of the
what their looking for in a hip hop track. Critical analysis of rap music shows
from early times shows us the key components that people looked for in a track
back in the days. This included Lyricism and Style of music, but if we analyse
what people were looking for in new generation of music we find that the style
of lyricism has narrowed down to the following topics including money, women
and jewellery. The pleasures of life became a focus of the new generation of
rap music and artist’s mainstream artists often started sounding the same. The
handful of artists that stuck to the tradition now termed as underground
artists aren’t swayed by public opinion. This is the common difference between
the new generation of mainstream and underground artists. The attributes common
to the current generation of mainstream artists include Poor word play, similar
styles, poor lyrical content; most themes involve pleasures of life and music
dependent on public opinion. The attributes common to the underground artists
include Complex wordplay unique styles, meaningful poetry and storytelling,
spreading awareness among general masses, music independent of public opinion.
The underground artists create a unique persona for themselves such that they
are able to stand out in crowd of artists.

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In conclusion, lyricism is form of poetry and this poetry must not
lose its integrity due the public opinion and it would be in the best interests
of everybody if people would become more aware of the styles of music they
listen to. Spreading Awareness among the general masses and pouring light into
the roots of hip hop is the only way this culture can maintain its integrity.
Artists must develop their unique styles and not be swayed by public opinion.
This can in turn lead to better quality of music and rediscovery of the long
lost hip hop to sum. To sum up poetry is a form of art, the power of this
entity must not be misinterpreted or misused.


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