On world completely new and mysterious. Thereforth, Sora

On March 28th 2002 the first game to the popular series Kingdom Hearts was first released for playstation 2 in Japan. The game was soon to be titled as the best game of 2002 by IGN. It also listed in the IGN poll to be the 22nd best Playstation 2 game ever created. Disregarding the games many different flaws and criticizing opinions from gamers, it still earned many notably positive reviews. Kingdom Hearts is the first game in the series directed by Tetsuya Nomura. The game series revolves around a fourteen-year old boy, Sora. Sora’s homeworld gets destroyed by evil creatures many of us know, the heartless. After his world is obliterated, Sora obtains a new and strange weapon, the keyblade. Using the keyblade to fend off the strange and alarming creatures, he then finds Kairi (one of his loved best friends) near a door. Turning around, Kairi says Sora’s name, as the door behind her blows open. The vast amount of darkness then blows them both out of the cave. And so, the Kingdom hearts series begins, as both Sora’s friends Riku and Kairi’s whereabouts become unknown, our soon to be hero wakes up confused and scared, and presumably finds himself in a world completely new and mysterious. Thereforth, Sora sets off on his own adventure; hoping to reunite with his friends.       Along the way of his adventure Sora encounters many different obstacles while traveling to these different worlds. Upon visiting world after world, Sora interacts with many loved and treasured Disney characters as the player gets to learn both the personal and captivating back stories from each character. Alice from Alice and Wonderland, King Mickey from Disney Castle and Jack Skellington from Halloween Town, to name a few.  What makes this game so unique upon the rest is the fact that weapons and goals are different from most games.  Keyblades take the place of swords, and a crossover from Final Fantasy and Disney draws in the attention from many gamers. On his way, Sora also runs into Goofy and Donald, who then become his friends, fighting alongside and helping Sora find his friends and defeat the malicious and malevolent heartless. Although Kingdom Hearts does in fact offer the appearance of many Final Fantasy characters, it isn’t a similar role playing game. In Kingdom Hearts you have many options to gain levels, spells, and special abilities while enduring the adventure. Although Kingdom Hearts has plenty to offer, the boss battles are the highlight of the gameplay. These battles are located all over the different maps, ranging from easy to difficult. The various tactics and fighting styles will vary throughout the game while defeating an enemy in combat, however using simple logic and good reflexes will bring nothing but good luck. Overall, the game offers hours of endless fun gameplay, plenty of puzzles, good combat, mysteries and ,much more. And although Kingdom Hearts might not be the best game on the list, it’s definitely worth playing, as you’ll get sucked into the storyline more and more with every scene.