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Our users come up with these questions often:”How did you calculate the worth of this website?””How did you estimate the numbers of visitors and pageviews?””How did you calculate daily, monthly revenue? We don’t make any money on our website.”website worth trafficmost accurate website value calculatorwebsite traffic calculatorbest website value calculatoralexa website valuewebsite appraisalknow website pricewebsite earning informationvisits vs unique visitors vs pageviewspage views google analyticsgoogle analytics page views reportgoogle analytics unique pageviewspageviews definitionpageviews vs visitsgoogle analytics page views by urlhow to see pageviews in google analyticssite value definitionwebsite price calculatorI will try to explain basics about our algorithm here.Input:We use public traffic ranking data to start with our calculations.We use Alexa Rank to estimate traffic figures; visitors, pageviews.Revenue of a website:We use our traffic estimation to calculate “potential” advertising revenue of a website. We know that every website is unique. Some sell stuff online which is impossible for us to know how much they make. Some do not use advertising or any other type of revenue source, so our figures will show only the potential of that website. We “assume” that the website is using ads and affiliate programs to make money.Ranking of a website:Estimated website worth: We calculate it based on our estimation for daily, monthly, annual revenue.WOW Score: We calculate it based on traffic figures we used.WOW Rank: We give it a rank based on WOW Score.Accuracy of Worth Of Web Calculator:Our mission is to provide a test/comparison tool to help you track your progress. Improving websites, blogs, and online businesses is a difficult task. We are in this industry. In the past, we tried to improve lots of websites. We felt the need for a tool that could create a score/ranking to track our progress and to compare ourselves to competitors.We are totally aware that it is practically impossible to be accurate with these estimations. After all, we are using public ranking systems which are not so accurate in the first place. Then we build our report based on these numbers and on our assumption that website is working on advertising/affiliate revenue model. So please don’t expect anything 100% accurate. * Note for PageRank: We were using PageRank in our calculations and showing it as an indicator on our reports earlier. Now we don’t use PageRank in calculation process or show on our reports. We stopped using it after Google changed its policy on sharing “Toolbar” PageRank. You can search for “PageRank dead” on Google. You will understand better after you check various articles about this change.Have you ever wondered what your website is worth? One of the best ways to do so is through YourWebsiteValue.com. Your Website Value was created by a team with 18 years of experience in developing and selling domains and websites. The website valuation tool helps in determining the value of a site and allows site owners to have an idea of how much their online property is worth.Determining Value of WebsiteTake note that the value given by the website worth tool is just an estimate. The online tool has been designed for entertainment use only. To know the real value of a website takes a lot of time and effort and a professional’s opinion such as a Certified Public Accountant. It involves a lot of research. Through YourWebsiteValue.com, website owners save time by getting all the data and factors to help them conclude on the website’s estimated value. Try it today and find out whether the time and effort you spent on the website and its content are worth it. Even if you don’t want to sell your website, it is good to know the website value.Website’s Estimated ValueThere are several factors that determine the website valuation price. These include age of the website, domain authority, SEO analysis, traffic Rank, social media interaction, website content and many other factors. These factors are considered when calculating the estimate of how much the website is worth. The website calculator tool provides a value of what it thinks the site is worth on the open market, and gives you an estimated website appraisal.What is Your Website ValueHow do you increase your website worth? We get this question all the time. Of course you have to increase your site revenue but you can also do other things to help improve your website value. If you look at your site details on our website you will notice that we look at several important details such as Website Speed, Bounce Rate, Domain Authority, Hosting, and Social Media influence. Your website has to load fast in today’s internet and that starts from your hosting provider. We have analyzed hundreds of hosting companies and we have compiled a list of the Best Hosting sites to help you choose the right host. You can check your website speed score on our details page and see if your site loads fast. Your goal should be to have your site load at least at 80/100 range. You also have to contact your hosting company and see what kind of hosting plan you have. Are you on a shared host? Are you limited in bandwidth? These factors can slow down your website and affect your SEO rankings. Google values sites that load fast so that users can get a pleasant experience.Want to calculate your website’s worth? If yes then just read the post below to find out the best sites to calculate your website worth or website value. Every webmaster or site owner want to know his/her site’s value. But there are lot of tools available on the internet to calculate the value of a site. Today we will tell you about Top 10 Sites to Calculate Your Website Worth.Business owners are often asked “what a customer is worth”, but rarely do they truly measure what their website or other marketing methods are worth.   This is an extremely important assessment to make because it will inform what portion of your marketing budget should go towards website expansion, improvements and traffic generation efforts.What factors play into your website value?We all know that every business has to have a website, but how valuable is this asset to your business?  Is it a factor or sum of the traffic it receives?  Or maybe just the actual conversions it makes over time? An equally important question would be what value would the visibility a website provides be worth?  Getting your brand in front of customers is a very valuable investment. Additionally, most businesses pay for placement in directories like the yellow pages and pay for sponsorship endeavors, such as conventions, chambers of commerce, networking events etc. all of which lead potential customers back to your website.  When you consider that all of your marketing leads to the one destination of your website the implied value starts to become substantial.Would you trade an employee for a better performing website?At the end of the day your website should be considered as a part of your sales/marketing team. If it is a part of the decision for most of the sales you get shouldn’t you give it all the tools possible to succeed? Regardless of whether you are looking to get leads from your website, or just credibility, if marketed properly your website will generate or help convince a large portion of your business. Even though most business owners agree with all that we’ve stated above they still often don’t want to put the effort and dollars needed to craft a compelling sales tool into their online presence or work with a skilled e-Marketing team to make sure that they are found first on searches.  This is good news for those of you reading this, because it means that you’ll have less competition at the top of the search engines from all those competitors that don’t truly understand how valuable this sales tool is. The most important consideration now that you can more clearly see the value inherent in your site, is to make sure that you are bringing enough traffic to it and that it is compelling enough to convert that traffic into business.  We have a saying around the VisionFriendly.com office: it does no good to bring tons of traffic to an ugly site, and it does no good to have a beautiful site that no one finds. A good website design presents the same ideas that a good salesman would:What is unique about your organization,Why are you the right choiceWhat does your visitor need to do to start working with you.The key to creating an effective website is having a solid team behind you that understands both your business and the internet.  So the next time that you think about paying thousands for print collateral that ends up in the trash can, or bringing on a low cost office helper, we would encourage you to look over your online presence and considering what an additional lead per day or per month would be worth to you.Website Worth Calculator is a tool that calculates estimate price of any website. It’s useful for webmasters to see how their work positively or negatively affects the result. In addition, the script allows users to sell their websites. User-friendly interface and notification system will do the job easier and more enjoyable.Looking for a free regular licence? I’m looking for translation the application into following languages: Norwegian, Danish, Finnish.Features 30+Estimate price calculatorMOZ integrationEstimate daily/monthly/yearly unique visitorsEstimate daily/monthly/yearly pageviewsEstimate daily/monthly/yearly ads revenueBasic website informationSearch engine statisticsAlexa statisticsSocial statisticsAntivirus statisticsDirectory listening statisticsLocation statisticsWHOISSocial SharingWidget placementPossibility to sell website/domainScalable inner mailNotification systemMulti language interfaceAdmin PanelWebsite managementUser managementCategory managementLocalizationCron job command executing via Admin panelRSS and Atom feed supportStrong caching systemContact formDetection scam systemFull SEO-friendlyOg Meta properties supportResponsive designAdsense readyEstimate price in any currencyWebsite thumbnailGrouping by, country, price, date


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