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It is said that the first netw?rks began to appear in the ?V – ?VI centuries in Germany. The rich butchers and sh?pkeepers, expanding their trade, ?pen several trade ?utlets, meat sh?ps and bakeries under the same name.
The ?fficial date of the birth of the self-service industry is c?nsidered to be 1930, when King Kullen ?pened a store in New Y?rk that became the prot?type of a m?dern supermarket. Then the process t?ok an avalanche-like character, by the end ?f the 1930s there were already several thousand ?utlets operating in the self-service system.

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In ?rder to get to kn?w the deep insides of the retail, literature review will be based on f?llowing questi?ns:

What is the description and functions of retail?
What is network retail? How is it classified?
What is a classification of stores?
What is retail branding and how it works together with stores?
What is ALDI’s network retail classification and retail branding components?

Retail – in a br?ader sense, retail sh?uld not only c?nsider any trading p?int, but the principle of organizing trade. Under the definiti?n of retail falls any w?rk with any buyer wh? can freely come and buy g?ods.
Retail point – the p?int of retail sale, sh?p. The very first example that fits the definiti?n of retail is the well-kn?wn market and st?res. The m?st ancient f?rm of retail is street retail, or street trading.
A retailer – is a retail c?mpany whether it’s a supermarket, a clothing st?re, a car dealership, a bank selling services to private cust?mers.

Retail uses special retail trade techn?logies:

Placement ?f retail enterprises acc?rding to certain l?cation rules
The ?ffer of the gr?uped assortment of g?ods of c?nstant demand
Use of c?mmercial equipment
Applicati?n of trade marketing
Minimum of sales pers?nnel
Applicati?n of cust?mer self-service
Acc?unting, purchasing and st?rage of g?ods
Optimization of l?gistics, retail space

A distinctiv? feature of r?tail is the wid? variety of g?ods and services ?ffered in ?ne place. All this reduc?s the c?st of s?rvicing each client, reduces c?sts, and thus incre?ses c?mpetitiveness. The use of these retail techn?logies allows y?u to sell the pr?duct at retail in large v?lumes, comparable to the v?lume of sales of wh?lesale.


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