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            With Trump saying a lot of things in the media and in his
speeches, many people have to fact check everything that is said. Many
newspapers are now coming out with articles fact checking what is said and
giving the right information. The President has misled the public so much that
newspapers are giving out the real information that our President should have
given us. The lies told to the public might never stop, but catching these lies
and making it known that what was and is said is a lie might let the
politicians know that the American people know what is truthful and what is

Another way the
Presidents statements can be detrimental is that he can make laws that are
related to his opinions. The example that all Mexicans are criminals and
rapists escalated to the President wanting to build a border wall between the
U.S and Mexico. While it is true that there are drugs and illegal immigrants
passing into the U.S, creating a tall wall that costs almost $21 billion
dollars is not the solution. Another problem is that President Trump has put
multiple bans on Muslim countries to stop terrorists and extremists from
entering the country. The Supreme Court has allowed the latest travel ban to
take effect on Monday December 4, 2017. Trump is right that the Islamic
extremists must be stopped from entering the United States. Another attack on
U.S soil can be prevented if the terrorists are cutoff from entering. However,
putting a ban on countries that are predominately Muslim won’t always stop the
next attack from happening. The horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas was
committed by a non Muslim. A travel ban wouldn’t have stopped it from

            Many of these lies coming from the White House, especially
the President himself should cause some panic from the public. Saying lies is
one thing, but believing them and telling it to the public is worse. Some
people who don’t know better might see it coming from the president and say
that it is factual. People believing this can have detrimental consequences.
People believing that all Mexicans are criminals and rapists can then be very
violent toward Mexicans. The people might not believe they are doing something
wrong because their President said it was true.

            With those scandals being two of the most shocking ones,
there have been a lot of lies coming from the White House, especially from
President Trump. There have been so many that people have been accustomed to
all of it. Many of his speeches are mixed with lies about himself, different
politicians, countries, and races. His lies don’t stop there; the President’s
twitter is filled with lies or statements that are not fact checked. This is a
huge concern, as the President of the United States; he should have factual
evidence and data to tell the American people. However, the President just
speaks about what he thinks is true and doesn’t check if it is actually
correct. One which President Trump stated was that former President Barack
Obama was that he was born in Kenya. This lie was first spread about the former
President because of his race and where his father was born. The President
shouldn’t listen to what other people’s opinions are of people and then state
it as a fact. The President has the power to get information that regular
citizens cannot get, but it does not seem like it is done. The President can
talk about his opinions, but not put it as a fact. President Trump has said
that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals. Saying these things will not make
the Mexican and Hispanic community respect and give him their vote if he is to
run for reelection.

            There have been false statements told by the government
before. Some of them are more known and damaging than others. Many people know
about the affair that Bill Clinton denied having with Monica Lewinsky, with
then President Clinton stating, “I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say
this again – I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” However,
on December 19, 1998 Bill Clinton was impeached by House for perjury and
obstruction of justice. Another well known one was the Watergate scandal with
President Nixon in 1972. People connected to President Nixon were caught
wiretapping phones and stealing documents. Even thought there was some evidence
that those people were connected to Nixon, Nixon denied any involvement that
his staff had with the burglars, and then he won his reelection. However, there
was more evidence that Nixon was not being truthful and that caused him to
resign on August 9, 1974.

The United States
government has a lot of importance to the American people. The President,
politicians, senators, and others give us insight on what is going on in the
government. The American public trusts them to give the right information about
current events in the house or senate that will affect their lives. However,
not all the politicians, senators, even Presidents are truthful to the people. Many
times the people were being lied to by the government, to cover up events,
problems, mistakes, even for personal gain. This has caused public trust for
the government to fall. Even though the government has misled the public
before, it seems to be on the rise.


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