Parents that they both have a cost to

Parents have one of the hardest jobs but many good things can come from it. Parents will do anything to give their children a good life no matter what happens. Raising a child can be looked at similarly to the steps of growing a tree. It sounds weird at first but surprisingly they both have many similarities to each other.A child can be like a tree grown from a single seed. When the seed is planted you need to take care of  it constantly to make sure it grows how it’s supposed to. Babies need to be taken care of at all times when they are little to be well-developed into good people. But even when a tree is grown it still needs water to survive. In the same way, even though a child can become an individual, parents must continue to “water” their child by giving them different kinds of lessons again and again to make them better developed and have appropriate behaviors in life.In order for a tree to grow good and healthy, people have to wait a very long time and be really patient for it to grow over the years. This takes good  patience because without it, all the time and effort that went into it would be gone. Basically the same thing happens when raising a baby. Raising a baby can be a lifelong job. Parents are always struggling to make their child become more mature and developed; so it takes up a lot of time and patience to do it. When parents feed their child, teach them how to ride a bike, or put them in a time out, it all takes really patient step by steps to make the best of everything for their child.Another similarity between raising a baby and growing a tree is that they both have a cost to them. If you want to plant a tree, you would need to invest money for fresh soil, fertilizer, seeds and sprinklers to make the tree grow healthy. Similarly, raising a baby also costs a lot, but on a different level compared to growing a tree. Being a parent can end up being a lifelong job. Ever since the child is born, the parents have to make a huge investment for their baby’s clothes, milk, nappies and doctors bills. When your child is older, you are still spending a lot of money on school, outside of school  activities, and allowance also total up to be pretty costly.Being a parent is a huge task for everyone, and the same thing should also apply for planting a tree. Although it might sound irrelevant at first, raising a child and growing a tree share things in common because they all require a lot of care, time, patience and money to get a good result.