Part logically especially in solving the problems. Even

Part 1:


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 Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals
with properties of operations and the structures these operations are defined
on. Algebra uses letters and symbols to represent numbers, points, and other
objects, as well as the relationships between them. It is an important life
skill that emerges as a prerequisite for all higher-level mathematical
education as well economic program.

    There are 5 reasons for studying algebra.
Firstly, algebra can help us in our career. As we know, the qualification that
needed by students to access to college or get a degree, especially for the
course like economics, engineering and so on need a basic mathematics. So the
student that getting a good grade in mathematics opens up more career choices.  The fact is, algebra can help us learn more
and gives us more chances of being able to choose a career that we love the

algebra helps us to think logically especially in solving the problems. Even
though we do not use algebra as a daily basis in one day, however, our brain
will have been trained to think in a logical way, which not only helps us in
the workstead but also in daily life. For an example, when choosing which cloth
to select, or trying to work out.

algebra helps us understand numbers better. Studying algebra helps us get
better at solving problems which involve only numbers eventhough sometimes we
did not realize it. Besides, it is likely that they would be worse at solving
numerical problems if they do not study algebra, and their understanding of how
numbers work would not as be as good. So we should thank algebra whenever we
find a solution to solve the complicated arithmetic problem.

algebra helps develop critical thinking skill. For an example, algebra ii
develop abstract thinking and reasoning skills, which help students weigh
options and make wise decisions. As we had studied that algebra has so many
steps to get the answer to one questions. So students can choose which one they
think are easier for them to find the answer.

algebra is using in our daily life especially when we are counting our expenses
for the daily budget.  Without the using
of algebra, we will not know how the money could increase or decrease. For an
example, like a student in using the money for daily life, how much the money
is spent within a month, so using algebra we will be able to manage expenses
and income for the money.




2.       In
real life, the applications of linear equations are vast. By providing a
real-life example(s) from your own experience or scenario that you come across
from somewhere else, explain how linear equations can be used in everyday life?

In our real
life, the applications of linear equations are widely used in the world. Linear
equations is an algebraic equation in which each term has an exponent of one
and the graphing of the equation results in a straight line.

As my real
life example, my friend and I always go outside by using a grab car or uber.
From this experience, I had found out that linear equation are used by the
driver of this grab car or uber to charge the customers by calculating the
meters of our destination. For examples, for the first 10km, it will be charged
for RM5, then the value will be charged rm1 for each of the additional  1KM.

linear equation also used when we are going to the supermarket. For an example,
I like buying apple fruits and papaya fruit at the price of 1 kg is equal to RM
5 while a papaya,  1 kg is equal to RM6.
If we buy 3 kg of apple and 2 kg of papaya, we will pay RM 27.

       Moreover, the linear equation is using
for a student to find a place to live for every semester. For an example, a
student would like to choose his residence for the room using air conditioner
will pay every month RM 250 and if without an air conditioner, the charge is
just RM200. By that prices,  the student
can see the difference between the rooms and take which one is more suitable
for them.




3.       Based
on your understanding, explain what is calculus and why do we study it?
Describe using an example(s), how calculus is used in the economics and

The calculus
is a branch of mathematics that explores variables and how they change by
looking at them in infinitely small pieces called infinitesimals. Calculus
primarily concerned with functions, limits, derivatives, and integrals.
Calculus is the study of change that basically focuses on the rate of change
(differential calculus) and accumulation (integral calculus). Fundamental
Theorem of Calculus links the differential calculus with the integral calculus.
The theorems show how, in some sense, integration is the opposite of

In the
economics, analysis usually uses quantitive methods when reviewing specific
information in an economy. Quantitive methods are mathematical or statistical
calculations that provide economists with directional for comparing the current
economic synthesis to those of former periods. Economist usually uses various
types of math to do everything in economics to ensure their personal judgments,
theories or inferences are supported by meaningful calculations.

Besides, basic
examples of an economic model are the supply and demand graph. The differential
calculus is applied to original supply and demand models to determine how
different factors will shift the lines representing supply or demand in an
economic market. Economic models are also used to demonstrate various
inferences or theories proposed by economists.

In business
operations, the owners can use economic information to help forecast expected
sales while the important management tool when making a business plans and
decisions is the use of economic analysis. Usually, business owners do not
really need the heavy use of technical math concepts when breaking down
economic information. 






4.        In your opinion, do you think that algebra and
calculus are necessary to be learned in your program? If Yes, support your
argument(s) with the example. If no, state your reasons as well.

In my opinion,
I think that algebra and calculus are necessary to be learned in our program.
It is because, without the basic knowledge of mathematics, it will be difficult
for us to calculate the terms of accounting and economic subject. For an
example, in subject economic, an algebra is using to state the ration of the slope
where the formula is, slope=?y/?x.

students of economics should familiarize themselves with optimization
techniques using derivatives. They also should understand how slope and
fractional exponents interact within linear and exponential equations. For
example, students should be able to obtain the value of the slope of a line
using an equation, y = a + bx and solving for b.

algebra and calculus are so important to be learned in our programmes because
we need to get a good grade for that subjects because it is affecting our
pointer in an examination. Without a good grade in the examination, we will
hard to find a job in the future because does not complete the qualification.


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