Personally, society, in a way that is significant

 Personally, I like science fiction as a genre in general a lot, especially in films, such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Star Wars”, I often found them engaging and fascinating, because it uses fictional ideas to illustrate, predict and reflect real life. I’m curious to find out what makes science fiction so popular and how our culture is largely affected by it. Part of the reason I am such a huge fan of science fiction because of my awareness towards global issues that are discussed throughout the genre, including environmental issues, technology, politics and such. As I’m engaged by the way science fiction uses real life situations in their story to highlight, warn and help us understand problems that we’re facing, how to prevent and improve them. Therefore, I want to investigate how science fiction uses different themes explored in science fiction reflect and visualize our modern society, in a way that is significant to the audience, and is applicable to our everyday lives that helps us to improve our modern society. My research question for my extended essay is: “To what extent does different themes explored in science fiction reflect and visualize our modern society?” This question is significant to the the subject English Language and Literature, because science fiction can be see as a genre of a text, which is appropriate and relevant to the subject field of study, which is to analyse genres through the use of themes, historical and social content. For instance, I will look at different themes and perspectives of the science fiction genre, including abuse of technology and other eco-themes, with given examples of some movies or novels in the genre, in order to get an insight of how these themes are expressed in a way that gives the audiences an idea on what the intended messages are, in order to predict and warn us about certain events that are surrounding us. But first, we first need to know why sci-fi is so important to the society.  There is no single correct definition for science fiction or sci-fi for short, it’s basically a fictional genre that includes imaginative concepts such as futuristic science and technology, parallel universe, multiverses, time and space travelling, and extraterrestrial life. It is easily one of the biggest genre nowadays, popular cultures and most of the movies from Hollywood are all based on it. However, the genre doesn’t start off like that, Sci-fi at back in the days are rather boring, stupid and complex to most people, they think the films are abstract and weird that doesn’t make any sense. It was until movies like “Star Wars” came out and proved people wrong, as Science Fiction can also be interesting. Since then, the genre has only became increasingly popular, with no signs of a decline anytime soon. And sci-fi films rapidly increases significantly after “Star Wars”. Although at that time all the science in the films was all wrong, nobody cares, since it is so surprisingly engaging to a wide range of audiences. Due to the success of the movie, it inspired more directors and authors to create more out of this genre, as people were so fascinated by it since that it uses an imaginary ideas that can effectively visualize the society. With more movies coming out later on such as “Back to the Future”, it predicts future technologies and inspire new inventions. They also reflects our abuse of technologies and our social problems. These ideas slowly turned Sci-fi into different themes, such as extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence and time travelling, that indirectly influences, predicts, visualizes and reflects real life events.