Privilege from being an asian girl

It is generally accepted that Asian countries have low regard to the girl child. As a result of their low perception on girls, most Asians do not take their girls to school as they regard it as a waste of resources. Majority of them believe that girls should not go to school, but remain at home with their mothers to be taught on how to look after the kids and cook.

Lack of education is the reason that has resulted to most of Asian women becoming house wives. As a result of the training they get, most of Asian women are caring and responsible. They have great respects to their parents and the elderly. They usually devote most of their time in looking after their children. They are very welcoming and speak very politely to everyone. Thus they are regarded as a model woman for many men.

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Moreover they are known to be very understanding and patient and stay to their husbands and support them despite occasionally being let down by them. Some people link their great patience and understanding to the training that they receive while still very young, while others associate it with their inadequate education that makes them helpless and vulnerable (Tsui 20).

China is becoming the world’s biggest market, and thus more companies from the west are expanding their business operations to this new niche. In addition, many companies are more than willing to expand to China due to the low cost of production associated with it as a result of the presence of cheap labor. Expansion of these companies to China means more job opportunities for the Chinese.

Due to the inadequate education of many Chinese girls, most of them are employed as casual laborers. Therefore, being among the few Chinese girls that are educated and well conversant in both written and spoken Chinese and English language gives me an upper hand than most of my fellow Chinese girls to get a very reputable job with these multinational companies.

My parents both of them having being educated ensured that I received proper and quality education. They did not become victim to the perception held by many people during their days that girls’ education was not important (Importance of girls’/women’s education par.5).

An interview with one of my friend who did not have the opportunity to go to school revealed how desperate some Chinese women are. The name of the lady that I interviewed is Terry and she is married to a Chinese Man referred as Tom and they have one kid.

When I asked her how she was fairing after parting with her for about ten years, when I left China to go to US to advance my studies. This is what she had to say, “I have realized how important education is for us women and with the current husbands that are less supportive and abusive.”

Thus, the education that I received has helped me get a competitive edge to many Chinese girls that missed this opportunity. Majority of these ladies can only be employed as casual laborers while I stand a better chance to compete with my fellow Chinese men for the white color jobs which are more rewarding.

Thus, my failure to get married in my early days like my other friends has greatly helped me advance my education. Most of my fellow friends are current married, but unhappy as noted from Terry’s remark that the current husbands are abusive and unsupportive.

In the former days Chinese girls were regarded as being less attractive as they were mostly taken as being boring, conservative and unsexy, but this perception have changed nowadays with the mass education of the Chinese girl child .Currently the Chinese have realized the importance of taking their girls to school. Currently there are many Chinese women that are very educated.

Others have even gone to further their carriers in the U.S. and U.K. These women stand better opportunity to secure lucrative job both in these countries or back in China. Education has empowered the Chinese women financially even to be ranked among the leading richest women in the globe.

Zhang Yin who is a Chinese woman is ranked as the leading richest self made woman in the world. She is the initiator of a giant paper recycling plant in China that is worth billions of dollars. Similarly, among the 20 richest women in the world, 11 are Chinese.

Thais illustrates how education can transform individuals and the society at range (Whats On Ningbo par 3-8). The high preference of free and open worldwide economy makes investors shun away from investing in those countries that have high illiteracy or wide gap in education attainment between men and women. This is because the prevalent great advancement in technology has resulted to firms looking for skilled labor rather than unskilled one.

This is as a result of the high automation of most of the tasks in many organizations and corporate to enhance efficiency and production. Therefore, even those countries that did not perceive the girls’ education as being important like china has realized how significant it is and enrolled their girls to school in large numbers up to the highest level. This has greatly helped the Asian countries and especially China to acknowledge the importance of the education of the girl child.

The government and relevant organizations are currently extremely campaigning for the education of the girl child to increase the women literacy in China and also bridge the wide education attainment gap that exists between the men and women. This will be a very strategic move for the government to strengthen its vibrant economy (Tsui 20).

The education of the Chinese girls has greatly transformed people’s perception about them as being unattractive and conservative. Empowering them academically has enabled the Chinese women to become more independent, assertive and social. In addition, Chinese girls are still very good in executing their family duties such as being good in cooking, looking after their husbands and kids and particularly ensuring they receive appropriate education.

For instance, being a Chinese girl that is well educated and having lived in the U.S., have helped me appreciate how the Chinese girl child has transformed such that nowadays many people from all over the world and especially men are very eager to learn more about the Chinese girls and most of them have ended marrying them due to their exceptional characteristics.

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