Problems in Marriage Case Study

The case under consideration evaluates the situations where a wife and a husband face a number of problems connected with their family life and cannot find another decision but divorce.

The husband believes that it is impossible to trust his wife as she cheats him through the Internet services, and the wife explains that her husband does not want to be involved into their family affairs. Both partners are not confident in the desire to remain committed to each other in this marriage; still, they have to sons, the twins, and have to think about the wellbeing of their children.

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The outcome of the situation is not that pleasant: the husband hospitalized because of suicidal ideation subsequent. Both partners are in need of professional help; both partners should evaluate the situation and their life, and both partners should be provided with a chance to develop appropriate communication with each other.

To help two people comprehend their mistakes and choose the most effective solution in such situation, it is possible to make use of Reality Therapy offered Dr. William Glasser at the end of 1965 (Zastrow, 2009).

The main point of the chosen therapy is that it is usually available to anyone and aims at helping people reconnect. This theory best addresses the chosen family’s treatment need as it focuses on the present. It is sometimes wrong to evaluate the actions taken in the past as the main reason of human problems is present discontents, present problems, and present feelings.

People have to comprehend the results of their actions and inabilities to find some common decision. A man could lose his life, and a woman is so involved into personal satisfaction of needs. They cannot evaluate the situation from numerous perspectives and admit how terrible their problems in regard to their children are.

There are two main components of the chosen therapy: the creation of trusting environment where two adults are able to develop conversations and the choice of the ideas which help to define what the patients really want, create a plan, and evaluate whether some negative outcomes may be expected.

The results of the case assessment show that two people are sick and tired of their relations and cannot find appropriate reasons to continue living together. Still, they have already faced similar problems before and managed to find some successful solutions.

This is why it is possible to evaluate their present feelings and problems. This couple is diagnosed as the one with inabilities to plan their future and to think about positive aspects of their life together. The prognosis is the following: in case the couple avoids mutual judgments and constant blaming, they may learn to prevent the situations which may destroy their relations.

For example, it is possible to create a plan according to which the demands of the couple are met. One day is organized in accordance with wife’s demands, the next day is for husband, and one more day has to be devoted to children’s wishes only so that parents could comprehend that they are responsible for two lives they gave birth to one day. If the wife and the husband agree to follow the treatment, the prognosis may become rather promising.

There are some other relevant treatment goals which may be expected: the couple has to be provided with fun and entertainment that is possible in human life. In case they are involved into some activities, they are not bothered with the memories from the past and the misunderstanding they may suffer from.

Finally, it is necessary to keep in mind that human behavior is hard to changes, still, it is possible to create the conditions under which people may feel safe, protection, and pleasure of being together without taking into consideration the troubles and discontents from the past.

Reference List

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