Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Human beings are endowed with unique talents and abilities that they use for self advancement and the common good. Most, if not all of these abilities are nurtured through acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills.

As one pursues the preferred career, it is critical to be well informed about the principles and guidelines that govern the chosen profession (American Psychological Association, 2010).

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Educational and medical professions are examples which are run by common set of principles that helps its members to practice and adhere to the expectations of the profession. This essay provides a description of the American Psychological Association and how it can help in the enhancement of professional knowledge and abilities. The influence of these knowledge and abilities on the development of my career is also explained.

Psychology is a very well developed disciplined especially in the United States and has clear guidelines that guide all the professions within this field. The American Psychological Association, usually abbreviated as APA, brings together American psychologists. It is the leading scientific as well as professional association of psychologists in America. With a membership of more than 150,000, it is the largest association of psychologists in the world (Evans & Cadwallader, 2004).

The APA brings together scientists, clinicians, educators, students, and consultants who are engaged in the provision of psychological sciences. The association usually operates on an annual budget of up to $70 million. The APA’s main undertaking is to ensure progression in formation, communication and utilization of psychological knowledge (A. P. A., 2010). This will in turn lead serve to benefit the society as well as improve the lives of the people in general.

It is also determined to become the most valuable, effective and highly influential association when it comes to the advancement of the field of psychology as a science (Evans & Cadwallader, 2004). The American Psychological Association strives to facilitate the stimulation, enhancement and propagation of psychological knowledge and skills through the provision of the appropriate resources for all its members. This goes a long way in increasing professional knowledge and abilities.

Furthermore, the APA relies on key values to attain its vision and mission (A. P. A., 2010). The first value is the continual pursuit of excellence, followed by the need to acquire knowledge using approved scientific methods. The third value is the provision of outstanding services to its members and the society at large.

The association is also based on a fourth value of social justice, diversity and inclusion as well as ethical action in all its operations as the fifth value. The association’s structure ensures the implementation of the guidelines. Psychological services involve the interaction between two persons, the counselor and the client. These values, therefore, will ensure that the members of the APA are quite aware of what is expected of them.

The provision of specific knowledge and skills to all APA members has had tremendous impacts on their career development. The members are accredited and certified according to their fields of specialization and this motivates them to explore their fields even more. I am convinced that the commitment by the APA to be innovative in educating, developing as well as training psychological scientists, educators and practitioners provides a platform for career advancement.

The association can also equip me with effective and appropriate knowledge and abilities that will enable the handling of personal, regional and global issues in multicultural as well as transnational contexts. This presents a range of opportunities for career development of the members.

The essay has briefly described the American Psychological Association. It has discussed its vision and values that guide the APA members and how the association can significantly contribute to the enhancement of professional knowledge and abilities. The association, therefore, has significant impact on the career enhancement of all its members.


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