Prologue “star-crossed lovers take their life” show the

Prologue and Scene 1:1) A. The two households are the Capulets and the Montagues, the heads of these households are Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father, and Lord Montague, Romeo’s father.B. Tybalt – Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin and Romeo’s rival. He is known to be aggressive, arrogant, and violent. In Scene one, Tybalt enogurges the fight. Benvolio –  Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin and a good friend, he is thoughtful and makes a genuine effort to stop the violence. He is almost like Tybalt’s opposite and in Scene one he conflicts with Tybalt and tries to stop everyone from fighting. Romeo – Romeo is the only child of the Montagues, he is passionate and sensitive, but most of all he is in love with Juliet. In Scene one he is not present during the fight but appears after everything has calmed down. Escalus – Prince Escalus is the Prince of Verona. He is concerned with the peace. As the fight breaks out in the market, Escalus rides in, orders the fighting to stop, and gives a speech to all the people about keeping the peace no matter the rivalry of the Capulets and Montagues.2) A. According to the Prologue, some atmospheres that will be strongly stressed throughout the play is fighting, love, and tragedy. As the play progresses, these atmospheres will be prominent. Bhanderi 2B. Some words and phrases from the Prologue that indicate these atmospheres are “ancient grudge” that show the ongoing fighting between the Capulets and Montagues, “star-crossed lovers take their life” show the love and tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. 3) A. I think Shakespeare’s purpose with beginning the action with the quarrel between the servants rather than Tybalt and Benvolio is to show that the rivalry is not just between members of the family, it is between everyone in Verona. Even if the people of Verona are not part of either family they still seem to choose a side. Sometimes they choose according to who they are more familiar with. For example, both servants were defending the family they worked for. 4) A. During the fight, Prince Escalus orders the people to stop the violence. He firmly states that the next time someone disturbs the peace, they shall pay with their lives. Overall, he wants to stop the fighting and threatens to take lives if it cannot be controlled. B. The threat made by Prince Escalus will not completely end the feud between the Capulets and Montagues. The two families will continue to hate each other, but it might stop the people of Verona from breaking out a fight in the streets. The rivalry still stands because the two families won’t ever physically fight each other, but rather they will still mentally dread the opposing side. 5) A. Romeo’s mood in the first scene is sad and gloomy because he loves someone who doesn’t love him back, Rosaline. He feels lonely and hopeless. B. According to Benvolio, Romeo might alter his mood by looking at and meeting other girls. Benvolio wants to get Rosaline off of his mind. Benvolio encourages Romeo to move on and find someone he will be happy with. Bhanderi 3C. Romeo reacts to Benvolio’s suggestion with disbelief and shock, he abruptly says no.  Romeo does not believe that anyone could be as beautiful as the girl he loves. He has his mind so set on Rosaline, and as a result, he does not realize that he is getting too hung up on one girl. Scene 2:1) A.  In his talk with Lord Capulet, Paris does not directly propose anything. Although parts of the dialogue, such as Paris stating that Juliet is not too young to be a mother, imply that Paris wants to ask to marry Juliet or has previously asked to marry Juliet. B. Lord Capulet reacts positively to the proposal made by Paris. He says that when Juliet is just a little bit older and if she agrees with the choice, he will give his consent to a marriage. Capulet wants to wait until Juliet is ready, but when reading the text it is clear that Paris wants to get married as soon as possible. 2) A. Shakespeare’s purpose with having the Capulets plan a party is to create a plot device in order to have Romeo and Juliet finally meet. The party, because it was a crowded, masked ball,  is a brilliant way of providing the perfect environment for Romeo to meet Juliet. 3) A. Some quote arguments used in Benvolio’s attempts to persuade Romeo to attend the party are; “and I will make thee think thy swan a crow”, which means that when Romeo sees other girls his swan, Rosaline, will become a crow. Benvolio also says “your lady’s love against some other maid”, this means that Romeo should compare Rosaline to other beautiful girls at the party. Bhanderi 4B. The reason Romeo decides to go to the party after all is because he wants to see his true love, at the time, once again. He craves to see Rosaline at the party, he isn’t thinking about anyone or anything else besides Rosaline. Scene 3:1) A.  Lady Capulet wants to discuss the matter of marriage with Juliet. She wants to explain why it is important to make a decision and she also tells her how lucky she is to have someone like Paris who wants to marry her. B. The nurse postpones their conversation for a considerable time because she begins to reminisce. She gets caught up in her past memories of her own marriage and does not realize that she is interrupting Lady Capulet who is desperately trying to explain marriage to Juliet. 2) A. Some terms that definitely describe the nurse are garrulous and ready to give advice. The nurse is a caring, kind person, she always speaks her mind and doesn’t care who she is talking over. She loves Juliet deeply and gives her advice even if Juliet does not even ask. 3) A. When Juliet is forced to consider marrying Paris, she has a hesitant reaction to the idea. Although Juliet is unsure she is also very determined to please those around her, especially her mother. Lady Capulet is distant and cold toward her daughter. It makes sense why Juliet would do anything to please her mother. Scene 4:1) A. Romeo and Mercutio have a strong friendship, but their personalities and moods differ, especially in Scene 4. In this scene, Mercutio tells jokes and is excited to go to the party. He is light-hearted and unbothered. On the other hand, Romeo is sensitive and always concerned Bhanderi 5with one thing or the other. In this case, Romeo is caught up on his love for Rosaline. Mercutio advises him to lighten up and have a good time, but Romeo still can’t stop thinking about her.2) A. Mercutio’s long speech about Queen Mab does not progress the plot at all. In fact, it slows down the plot by delaying Romeo from meeting Juliet. The purpose of the speech was not to advance the play. B. The Queen Mab speech plays a minor role on understanding the characters. It shows that although Mercutio is fun and light-hearted, he is also dark and can get carried away with his imagination. As he talks about Queen Mab, it starts out as a joke but turns into a disturbing, serious story. Including the speech also shows the reader a new side of Romeo. When Mercutio gets carried away and starts to turn his funny story into describing a nightmare, Romeo cuts him off and tells him that it is simply a story. The Queen Mab speech is very interesting, there is no clear meaning on why it is included, but it may contribute to the play later on.Scene 5:1) A. As Scene 5 opens, the atmosphere is busy and excited. Romeo is anxious to see Rosaline and Mercutio just wants to have a fun night. As they enter, the party seems to be grand and festive. Lord Capulet talks of dancing and music. B. Tybalt’s vengeful attitude towards Romeo ruins the flow of the party. As soon as Tybalt sees Romeo, he informs Lord Capulet and suggests to throw him out. Tybalt, much like in Scene 1, is aggressive and hateful, especially toward a Montague. C. As the scene comes to close, the atmosphere dramatically changes. At this point, Romeo has fallen deeply in love with Juliet and has found out, from the nurse, that she is aBhanderi 6Capulet. Juliet has also found out, from the nurse, that the handsome man she danced with is a Montague. The end of the Scene is mysterious and exciting. It is unclear what will happen but whatever it is, it will surely continue the plot of the play. 2) A. After Romeo and Juliet kiss and part, the both discover that they are from rival families. The nurse first informs Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet and then she informs Juliet that Romeo is a Montague. B. When learning that the person he just fell in love with is some that is almost impossible to be with affects Romeo’s sense of hope. Just as he moves on from Rosaline he is faced with maybe never being able to be with his new love. Juliet is left questioning what had just happened. She is also shocked and knows what this discovery means. Learning who Romeo really is affects Juliet by causing her confusion, but she is still pleased that they met and had a good time.


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